Dana Toujours Moi: “With a Spicy French Accent”

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As you know, I am a big champion of smelling good on a budget (although I like to splash out sometimes too).

I recently ordered Dana Toujours Moi from eBay for the princely sum of £3.99.  In return, I had a cute 15ml spray bottle of Toujours Moi Eau de Cologne.  Oddly enough, the box is packaged separately, which seems a like a lot of packaging, but if I am extra thorough with my recycling this week, my guilt will lessen the tiny blow.  You can also find Dana Toujours Moi on Amazon.com.

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Originally made by Corday in 1921, and now by Dana, Toujours Moi is an Oriental.  No doubt about it.  And don’t be fooled by the “Eau de Cologne” label either, this lasts until bedtime.  Next week.

The notes according to Fragrantica are : Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Musk, Lavender, Lilac, Jasmine and Vetiver. The notes are not arranged in any particular order.

toujours moiWhat I experienced on the first spray is a wonderfully vintage-y  blast of  spicy floral notes, settling down into something more powdery and richer than its notes would have me believe.  I would have thought there was Amber, and even a touch of Benzoin in here, but there’s not.  For a few moments, it reminded me of Tauer Le Maroc Pour Elle– a whimsical spicy Lavender scent with a hippy vibe that reminds me of outdoor markets on a sunny day. ( see my earlier review)

The Lavender  and Lilac lend an old fashioned feel to Toujours Moi and there is definitely a powdery touch in there somewhere.  Some people might label this old fashioned, but I say bring it on.


Lasting power is amazing at this price:  at an hour it stays strong, after that, it gives a little enticing wafts for a couple more hours, and after that it’s close to skin until bedtime.

This would be too traditional for a modern cupcake palate, but for those of you like your fragrance classic, with a spicy vintage vibe, this is for you.  It is the kind of très French perfume your mother may have received for Christmas in the early 70s.

I have to share what it says on the box,

“Sensual and full-bodied, a provocative romantic scent spoken with a spicy French accent”

Stockists: You can find this on eBay iof you look hard, and it’s available  from Fragrancenet and Amazon.com

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8 thoughts on “Dana Toujours Moi: “With a Spicy French Accent””

  1. I love Toujours Moi in all of its incarnations. I have the vintage Corday, the Max Factor and the Dana and they all smell very similar – nothing much has been lost over the years. I would definitely class this as an oriental – it has shades of Tabu but not so “in your face” and is a sort of “safer” version of Bal A Versailles. I’ve seen several people refer to a vinegary or root-beery note but I’ve never had that – just citrus at the opening which dries down to creamy, powdery, sandal and amber (as you say – surprising no amber is listed in the notes). This is one for the more “mature” (!) among us and no, I cant see it appealing to the froootchoooli crowd. Great review 🙂

    1. Hi Sally,

      I’m so pleased to know that someone else likes this! It is an underrated gem and far too nostalgic for mainstream. I love that vintage-y style it has and hopefully if you and I keep buying it, they’ll keep making it.

      I didn’t get root beer but that lavender would be a deal breaker to anyone anti lavender. Clearly that’s not you and I!

      Funnily enough Bal a Versailles is the only perfume my husband has ever complained about, despite sitting next to me every evening as I try on samples. He actually stood up and said “what the hell is THAT?” I couldn’t stop laughing.

      best wishes

      1. Hahaha at your husband. Mine did the same with Jasmine et Cigarette and Iris Silver Mist. I keep trying to fool him by pretending to try them again for the first time, but he doesn’t fall for it.

      2. Oh those dear men who know not what they are meddling with! I would love to try Jasmine et Cigarette. I have heard so much about it.

        best wishes

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one. I wore Tabu as a teenager, and lavender isn’t scaring me off the way it used to, thanks in large part to Caron Pour un Homme. (My great-grandfather wore something with lavender in it, and I used to think of it as a very masculine smell. Funny that a cologne explicitly marketed to men brought me around.)

    1. Hi Laurels

      Tabu is one of my favorite Drugstore Classics. I would love to smell more people wearing it. I think we’re done with the candy floss and the fruity florals. But, like War of the Worlds, still they come…

      Oh and Caron Pour Homme is gorgeous. I’d definitely wear that. It was love at first sniff.

      best wishes

  3. I have worn Toujours Moi all through most of the 70’s and 80’s. Had so many complements. I was unable to find it in dept stores and found it in Walgreens. The last time I had purchased several bottles for about a year when I purchased it and found that the smell was so rank as in ….I felt I needed to take it all off or take a shower it was so musky but nasty musk smell…. and I love musk oil. I thought well it’s because I haven’t worn it in a couple of weeks so I ask my husband does it smell the same. He agreed that it smelt different not clean, he loved me wearing this. So I bought another one and same thing it smelt horrible. What has happened? Does anyone know? I really miss having that original smell. Loved the scent of the sandalwood orange blossom and musk and jasmine…..and the powdery smell maybe that is why it stayed on all day. Needless to say I haven’t purchased or worn it in 2 years! 🙁

    1. Dear debbie, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share your experience. It probbaly has been reformulated post IFRA regulations. Many wonderful ingredients were banned and placed with synthetics i.e real oakmoss. It’s such a shame when a reformulation doesn’t work out. I gave my bottle to my sister, otherwise I would have sent it to you xxx

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