Emporio Armani Diamonds: I Take it Back



I have been studiously ignoring Emporio Armani Diamonds due to its ubiquity. Yes, despite my cheap and cheerful habits, I can be a terrible snob about very mainstream perfume and sometimes refuse to test something just because it is too popular.  I know I’m  a big fool. Or maybe I learned my lesson after trying Diesel Loverdose (Oh my nose!).

Today I had a stern word with myself and was pleasantly surprised by Emporio Armani Diamonds.  I am so over fruity florals (spelled O.V.A.H),  and Diamonds contains all the things that I feel are overdone and overused  in many of today’s mainstream scents.  However, somehow the blending of the sum of its parts has led to a bright, pleasant, not too sweet, clean smelling daytime fragrance.

photo by wiki
photo by wiki

If I had read the notes before sampling, I would never have tried it:  Vanilla, Raspberries and Lychee are enough to have me turning away.  However, there are also notes that I love such as Lily of The Valley, Rose, Amber, Patchouli and Vetiver.

What takes place when I spray it is that the flowers come out all sharp and zingy.  Like Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, the flowers are never girly and petal-like, but are surrounded by Patchouli and become stronger and Woodier from the start. The Raspberry is discernible but behaves itself, never getting too loud.

This is made with a light hand which makes it perfect for daytime.  A squoosh of it is refreshing, almost shower fresh, like clean hair, and it stays nicely  full bodied for a few hours.  Longevity is lacking, however.  Three hours later this has disappeared, but it’s not bad value if you squirt your hair or a coat (which I didn’t because I was in the shop, but don’t put it past me). Having said that, after this went away completely, it seemed to come back a little later but just with a faint close to skin layer of Raspberries and Vanilla, then after another hour of that, it finally went for good.

In passing, I would like to say hooray to Superdrug who have been displaying loads of testers and having lots of specials on every week. Because they are at the till, the staff will chat to you about them and share their opinions and tell you what’s selling and what’s not.  I have not only had some bargains there myself, but I have managed to try loads of new releases that I would normally have ignored, nose in air. Naughty old snobby me has learned a lesson.

2 thoughts on “Emporio Armani Diamonds: I Take it Back”

  1. I once described this as ‘raspberry lolly water’ and wonder now if I was maybe being a bit harsh – it sounds lovely in your review and I have always liked the bottle. It was the signature scent of a friend who used to bathe in it, and I was forever trying – and failing – to steer her towards anything else. Hmm, you’ve got me wondering now!

    1. Hi vanessa,

      Thanks for dropping by, I am always interested to hear what you have to say. Raspberry lolly water is a brilliant description of Diamonds! It was a bit raspberry wasn’t it? However, out of all the fruits they could have used, I am glad they chose that one and not strawberries/cherries/peaches like they could have done.

      best wishes

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