Lidl Suddenly Diamonds: A Run For Your Money



 Lidl Suddenly Diamonds comes after the success of Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour: a decent duplicate of Coco Mademoiselle EDT.  Lidl are keeping it simple:  they are not trying to reinvent the wheel with their perfumes and they are clearly unabashed by the fact that their perfumes smell like duplicates of best sellers.

It does make me wonder why they chose Boss Orange as their next Muse for Suddenly Diamonds, but at the same time I am grateful it wasn’t Jimmy Choo Flash or Thierry Mugler Angel (which would be a runaway success by the way Lidl, if you’re listening).

I was kindly supplied with my bottle by the Lidl Press Office, after I wrote explaining that I couldn’t get hold of a bottle at a couple of my local branches. A big thank you to them, and a repeat of my disclaimer that just because I didn’t pay for this, doesn’t mean I have to gush about it out of politeness.  If I don’t like it, I will say so with honesty.

nd.5979 So what’s it like? Well it’s a bit like velvety Orange Blossom  and Red Apples when it first goes on, followed by a  general chorus of White Flowers. So far so good.  If I had been charge of this, I would have left out the Vanilla that makes the base smell a  little generic and I would have added some bitter Orange. However, they quite wisely did not put me in charge, and have ended up producing a very good duplicate of Hugo Boss Orange.

To give this a fair trial, I wore Lidl Suddenly Diamonds on one wrist and Boss Orange on the other and compared the two. Hold the front page- Lidl outlasted Boss Orange by around two hours. Yes indeed, the £3.99 new kid on the block outlasted its rival by 100%. Boss Orange only lasted two hours on my skin, but Lidl was there for twice as long.

So whilst I don’t like the Vanilla base, I do get that it’s a Must Have for the mainstream market right now. However, with Orange Blossom shining brightly at the heart, surrounded by a mass of White Flowers, you cannot go wrong at £3.99 a bottle. In fact, the bottle isn’t bad either: a nice chunky glass effort.

Over at Bonkers About Perfume, the lovely Vanessa also reviews Lidl Suddenly Diamonds and clearly shares my love of all things Lidl.

As for availability, if you see it buy it, there are no plans to restock. But Lidl- please keep making perfumes!

9 thoughts on “Lidl Suddenly Diamonds: A Run For Your Money”

    1. Your Mum’s got good taste! They do a good men’s fragrance called XBolt which smells exactly like Hugo Boss Bottled and is only 3.99.

      1. Hi Pages and Perfume,

        Doesn’t it shine a light on how much is overheads and marketing! I am sure the scent itself costs very little to make, but once you add global marketing and a modelling agency, the prices creep up. Lidl can do the same with no frills and no model. Amazing

        best wishes

  1. Hi and thanks for dropping in. Your Mum has great taste. The men’s fragrance XBolt is very good too and smells similar to Hugo Boss Bottled. Something for all the family!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Well I never!
    The strangest this is…. I’ve been into the only two Lidls I know of and ne’er have I seen a hint of scent!
    I wonder how they decide where to spray their lovely fragrance?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      My husband had the same problem! The Suddenly Madame Glamour is above the toiletries/hand cream/soap but I couldn’t find Suddenly Diamonds anywhere and had to write to the Press Office in the end!

      Your friend

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Still catching up with my blog reading after a spell away… Interesting that you also found the Lidl scent lasted longer than Diamonds. They really are on a roll with these clever copies, though like you I would wish they could have a pop again at something more iconic than BOSS. 😉

    1. Hi Vanessa, you’re very welcome. I enjoyed your post about Lidl Diamonds. In fact, I enjoy all your posts!

      warm wishes

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