Terre de Bois Miller Harris: Verbena, Lemon Verbena


What joy to stumble across a Miller Harris I haven’t tried yet.  Miller Harris is  brand I would never turn down.  In fact I am taking delivery of a bottle of Miller Harris La Pluie tomorrow and I can’t wait. (see my earlier review, I swear it smells like a rainy day and is terribly British).

Miller Harris Terre de Bois is allegedly for men.  I say allegedly because naturally we take no notice of that. If it smells good wear it, whether it’s Old Spice from your Dad’s bathroom or something tres, tres chere from a boutique. If you like it, it will be so.

I happen to like Terre de Bois very much and see it as most certainly unisex.  It opens with Citrus, Clary Sage and Verbena and even a hint of Lavender. It makes an excellent cologne, yet has the strength of an Eau de Parfum. Not so much Butch as smooth and suave. Especially on me. The middle phase is only slightly less Verbena than the brash and bright opening, and starts to smell a bit  like lemonade in which the fizz is fading.  Just as that calms down a bit, the fading fizz segues into a resin like base with faded Vetiver Grass and clean Spice providing a polished finish. Quite frankly, it’s gorgeous.


What I love about Miller Harris is that the ingredients actually smell like the ingredients.  There’s none of this synthetic faux perfume note that you get so much on the High Street, especially in male scents.  With Miller Harris, if they say there’s going to be Vetiver, then you will get Vetiver, not just some mish mash that smells shower fresh and then disappears in a blaze of factory chemicals.

Terre de Bois is no exception to the Miller Harris quality benchmark and with its clear Verbena singing out against the Lemons and Vetiver, I can guarantee that this is excellent.  It may not be your cup of tea, but it is excellent. Zingy, Spring like and yet as classy as leather upholstery and a walnut dashboard. I’m getting perfume lover’s neckache from sniffing my wrist.

12 thoughts on “Terre de Bois Miller Harris: Verbena, Lemon Verbena”

  1. I love this perfume! The sad thing is that people don’t know about it, at least in my circle, but they all think it is a great perfume when they smell it.

    1. Hi Eddie, thanks for commenting. You and I clearly have great taste and must spread the word!
      best wishes

  2. Wait, British lemonade is carbonated? Fun.

    I’ve never come across any Miller Harris. Congratulations on your La Pluie,

    1. Hi Laurels,

      Yes our lemonade is fizzy and our beer is not as warm as they say! Funnily enough my cousin who was born here but raised in the states always drinks Newcastle Brown Ale!

  3. Thanks for this review. Ive been casting about for something citrusy and was looking at orange and mandarin, but this sounds delightful. I like the sound of the clary sage and lavender – both notes I love. I’m not at all familiar with this line so will do some searching !

    1. Hello Sally and thanks for dropping by.

      You’re not the first person who has told me that Miller Harris don’t seem to have a presence in the States. very curious as they are pretty successful over here. make their shop a stop next time you visit London!

      I also love citrus and I love Chanel Cristalle, O de Lancome, and cheap and cheerful Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Revitalise. Yves Rocher also does a good Verbena.
      best wishes

  4. Dearest Iscent
    Now this does sound like a scent to put a certain Spring in one’s step whatever the weather and one’s sex.
    Must make a note in the calfskin pad to keep an eye out for said perfume.
    Thank you for the tip off.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I feel that this is very Dandy indeed. definitely worth checking out on your travels.

      Your friend

  5. I’ve been looking at Miller Harris myself lately, so your review is very timely for me. I debated testing Citron Citron and Terre de Bois and the limited distribution is what stopped me from pursuing it further. I was expecting something more dry-woody from Terre but from your description it sound like it is more of a citrus-aromatic fragrance. Still curious to try. It sounds like a nice fragrance anyway.

    1. Hi Scent Bound, Thanks for taking the time to comment, Much appreciated. If you like Dry and Woody, you might like some of the male scents by Caron, especially Yatagan or Third Man.

      As far as Miller Harris goes, their best dry and woody is La Fumee or Feuilles de Tabac. Are you in the states? It’s a shame they don’t seem to distribute over there.

      best wishes

      1. Hi Sam,
        I’m in Canada and they don’t have major distribution here either. There are a couple of boutiques that carry a limited selection.

        Thank you for the recommendations. I’ve heard of Yatagan but never tried it. I will be looking out for it though and will let you know once I try it.

      2. Hi Scent Bound and thanks for dropping by. Yatagan starts wonderfully but then there was a celery note I didn’t care for. Caron Third Man didn’t have the celery so it’s my favourite butch moment scent.

        best wishes

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