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If you have read any of my previous Body Shop reviews, you will know that I find it hard to write about today’s Body Shop without going off down Memory Lane.  The Perfume Bar! Oh I miss your big glass jars of Samarkand, Mostly Musk, Dewberry, Japanese Musk and Annie!  How I miss Raspberry Ripple Bathing Bubbles, Peppermint Foot lotion and Elderflower Eye Gel! *Sob*, oh it’s not like it used to be.

The Good Old Days- photo from
The Good Old Days- photo from

The Body Shop today is very different since L’Oreal took it over, but they still stand by their eco and humanitarian principals so it’s not all bad.  The perfume range is affordable and good quality (some more than others), but the days of greatness are much missed.

Today I bought two perfume oils: Amazonian Wild Lily and Atlas Mountain Rose.  This review is for Amazonian Wild Lily in the perfume oil form.

First of all, I don’t find that Body Shop EDTs last as long as the oils, hence my choice of purchase.  Amazonian Wild Lily is, on first application, wonderfully green and fresh. The notes are White Lily, Iris, Papaya and Orchid.   The result of this combination is that the fruit gives a slightly melon-y, calone accord. However, whereas that would normally make me run for the hills, it’s not quite strong enough to dominate and the flowers overtake it.  The strongest note is Lily, but thankfully, the vegetal/celery note that I sometimes get with Lily is absent.  Longevity is very good with the oil: it’s only a 15ml bottle, but in my experience, this bottle will last a very long time.  A previous 30ml bottle of Body Shop White Musk Oil lasted over a year.

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Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily would make an ideal perfume for daywear and especially office wear.  It doesn’t  have that brash alcohol that  sprays have, so it’s good for discreet application on a train or in a n office without people inevitably asking what that smell is. Sillage is subtle and close to skin, but sometimes you need that if you’re going to be in close proximity to others.

The overall effect is a floral, green scent that is both pleasant and inoffensive. The Lily is strong and pretty, making this a pretty and long-lasting scent that fits into the bargain category by costing a mere £7.50.

Oh, did I mention that this really reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy?

9 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Amazonian Wild Lily”

  1. On my “To Try” list it goes. I like lily, although I think the vegetal note you hate might be the one I like in Donna Karan Gold.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      What’s the weather doing over with you?

      If you like the vegetal note I don’t like, you are certain to enjoy Frederic Malle’s Un Lys Mediterranee. It smells like vegetable soup to me! In real life I adore lilies and had stargazer lilies in my wedding bouquet. However, we must be careful now as we have three cats and Lilies are toxic to them.

      best wishes

      1. We had a few days of much-needed rain, but now it’s 72F and sunny. I hope you’re seeing some signs of spring.

        Is it the flowers that are dangerous to cats? I know that bulbs are poisonous for dogs; luckily we’ve only had one with an inclination to dig them up. (He loved chocolate, too, and once ate a dry chocolate cake mix, box and all. Looking back, he may have been suicidal.)

        The Malle is on my list to try, although given its price, it’s below the Body Shop lily at the moment.

      2. Hi Laurels,

        I do envy that Californian Sun!

        I belive it’s the stamens or pollen of the Lily that is toxic to cats so I guess I can’t have them any more now we have three fluffies around the house.

        Frederic Malle is v expensive, I only have a sample myself, which is borrowed, but when I smelled it I thought “vegetable soup powder!” I am sure many will call me a heathen!

        best wishes

  2. I also quite like the oils, for the reasons you mention, and because its possible to blend them with an unscented body lotion (really into lotions and oils at the moment, very soothing for chilly spring days). Are you going to review the atlas mountain rose as well?

    1. Hi Alice and thanks for popping by. It’s a great idea to scent your own lotions. I also use a lot of lotion but find that the smell clashes with my perfume, so this is a good idea- plus unscented lotions are cheaper! To answer your question I will indeed review Atlas Mountain Rose. I’m wearing it now. It’s very good as a layer scent!

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