Caron Montaigne: Springtime In Vintage


 What I love about Caron perfumes is that no matter how recently they were made, they still smell vintage.  There is a timeless quality about them that makes them stand out from today’s modern fare.

I received my first ever Caron full bottle today: usually I use only samples and loans (thank you Lisa!). The trademark gold box was a thrill to behold, and the contents were equally agreeable.

Caron Montaigne is one of few yellow flower scents in my collection.  I don’t usually get on with Narcissus or even Mimosa, but In Montaigne they are transformed into a delicious powdery Oriental-lite that I can do business with.  If you could smell me now you would actually take a step back because I have been marinating in this stuff all day long.  The reason for this is because the top note is my favourite phase. I keep renewing it, can’t help myself.

According to trusty Fragrantica, the notes are as follows:

Top: Jasmine, Coriander, Bitter Orange, Mimosa and Tangerine, Middle: Narcissus and Blackcurrant Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

photo by World of Oddy. "Look! Daffodils!"
photo by World of Oddy. “Look! Daffodils!”

First of all, the Orange interests me because it’s not done in an eau de cologne style, it’s done in a chypre style, with spice and powder as a background.  Secondly, the Blackcurrant really foxed me- next to Daffodils?  Only in a garden, surely? But it works. I can’t figure out how, but it does.

The base is a sandy, mild Oriental, still with those oranges in the background, but blurred and fading, like a dream sequence in a film.  There is a definite yellow flower note, but instead of being sickly sweet as it sometimes can be, it’s more of a light pollen on the stamens of a fresh daffodil.

The unique Caron touch is in that feeling that this has been on a dressing table since 1959 and has only just been opened, having been maturing like a rich wine for all that time.

Amazingly, I bought this for under ten quid on Amazon.  Sadly, rumour has it that after next year it will be discontinued, which may explain the price.  Perhaps I should buy a few back ups. Tania Sanchez is rarely wrong.

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    1. Hi Laurels,

      Yes it kind of adds a tang without taking over. I wouldn’t have thought it, but yes it does work!

      best wishes

    1. Hi Jan and thanks so much for dropping by. I’m glad you like Montaigne. I do too- and lucky us as its going so cheap right now!

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