Yves Rocher Clea: In the Classic Style


I often cringe when a perfume is regarded as “Old Lady”. For one thing, the old ladies round my way smell better than the young ladies.  It’s the older crowd that wear Estee Lauder Cinnabar and  Aromatics Elixir, and the younger crowd that smell of Sweet Shops.  Secondly, Old Lady is often used as a term for any perfume with powdery notes or a powdery drydown. My ears prick up when I hear someone describe a perfume as “Old Lady”. To my mind, it usually means a decent scent is up for grabs. It does amuse me however, when I hear my mother describe a perfume as “too Old Lady”. She is 67 this year, and very far from Old Lady herself.

However, “Old Lady” interpretations can vary wildly from nation to nation. I hear from a French friend of a friend that Cacharel LouLou is regarded as Old Lady over in France. Over here in the UK, Yves Rocher Clea would be regarded as Old Lady, with its powdery soapiness, but such is the demand for it in France, that Yves Rocher has kept it going since 1980. That’s no mean feat from Yves Rocher, who decimate ruthlessly.

Clea is an Oriental scent with powdery notes and a soapy drydown.  It is spicy in a muted way, i.e Vetiver and Sandalwood, and has excellent longevity. The bottle is vintage in style, not quite out of fashion, but definitely early 80s: the version I have is clear glass with a gold lid. The strongest notes are amber, roses, patchouli and lily of the valley. Clea smells of clean lotion and clean talc and has just enough of a patchouli hit to pack a punch, albeit a ladylike one in white gloves.  If it was a colour it would be a translucent Ambery glow.

This reminds me very much of  Avon Timeless, and would also go down well with fans of Lanvin Arpege.  In fact, I prefer this to Arpege as it has all the oriental, powdery glory with none of the peaches.

Considering the timeless quality of Clea, going strong for 34 years now, the price is a steal.  Yves Rocher prices vary a lot from week to week, but I bought this alongside a £15 bottle of Yves Rocher Yria and got it for free: otherwise it’s only around £15 for a 75ml bottle.


You can buy Clea from the Yves Rocher UK website.




8 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Clea: In the Classic Style”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    How funny that Loulou should be considered ancient in France!
    This sounds really rather pleasing and, heavens about, that price… two perfumes for £15? That’s practically giving them away!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      Yes I was amazed that LouLou is “Old Lady” over there, and I use the vernacular, not my own term. I rather like your use of the phrase “Grand Dame” and I think I shall use that from now on.

      I rate Yves Rocher very highly on both quality and price, except for Flower Party which is very fruity floral. Mainly they seem to cater for the picky Frenchwoman, which is fine by me, especially at these good prices.

      Your friend

      1. Dear Mr dandy

        I use the website, alas no shop! But with every order you get three free samples. Music to my ears! I really recommend the Secrets D’Essences range, especially Iris Noir.

        Your friend

    1. Hi Karen,

      You make a good point. Yves Rocher UK and Yves Rocher USA do not have the same products. If you go to France you can buy it in the shop. If you go to the UK you could order it to a UK address. It’s not expensive, but I’ve noticed it is expensive in the USA. You could get it on eBay UK and maybe ask that they post to the states? It is gorgeous and has been around since 1980, so it doesn’t look as if they are ending it anytime soon.

      best wishes

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