Gold Jay-Z: When It Comes to Scent, He Makes Great Music


Yesterday I found romance in Superdrug.  There, on the counter, I found a famous man and wife right next to each other, despite being miles from home. Yes indeed, Beyonce’s new flanker (I didn’t try it) was there right next to Gold Jay-Z for men.

Launched on Black Friday in 2013. it’s not widely available over here yet ( couldn’t find it at The Fragrance Shop or on Amazon), although having said that, being stocked by Superdrug makes it pretty available.

 Gold Jay Z was created by Ilias Ermenidis, who I haven’t forgiven for making the dreadful Avon Treselle. His portfolio contains many modern launches, but nothing I own or love. The top notes in Gold Jay-Z are: Ginger, Lemon, Blueberry and Cardoman, Middle notes are: Vetiver, Pink Pepper, Violet Leaf and Lavender and base notes are: Amber, Vanilla, Teak and Myrrh.  Had I read these notes before I tried it, I would have been excited.  The middle notes especially are some of my favourites: Violet Leaf, Lavender, Vetiver… a heady mix that I would anticipate keenly.

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MGN Online/Courtesy Wiki Commons

However the reality of this scent is that  the first spray is refreshing but smooth i.e it’s not Paco Rabanne 1 Million uber sillage (Thank Heaven for small mercies). It has pleasant, light cologne-like properties.  Had that phase lingered I would have liked this more.  However, what happened next is something that happens so often with modern male scents that I often feel sorry for the male scent buying population.  It’s little wonder that so many men in the know turn to so called female fragrances ( and we say phooey to gender labels!)

This bugbear of mine is this: a synthetic, metallic note which manufacturers seem to feel it necessary to add in order to establish a scent is male.  Now whether they do this because the consumer hollers for it, or whether the consumer is given it so much they think it’s the norm, is a grey area. I am probably wrong, but is this ISO E Super? It is a synthetic , tangy note that reminds me of metal and  fake ozone and I find it in so many male High Street scents that I guess it’s their version of our fruity floral trend, whether we like it or not.

This smells almost exactly like the middle and base of David Beckman Instinct Ice that my husband owns. It also smells very similar to several others I have tried which are too numerous to either name or remember.  To avoid this you have to go off piste and shop away from the High Street.

Gold Jay Z starts at £25 for 30ml and is currently available from Superdrug. You can’t knock his music though. He’s amazing. His wife is pretty cool too. 

4 thoughts on “Gold Jay-Z: When It Comes to Scent, He Makes Great Music”

    1. Do bring it over, or wait for an evening at yours. I’ve a feeling I may be barking up the wrong tree, but there is ONE note that is so common in male fragrance, it’s driving me mad.

      I have heard that ISO E Super is both over used, or has no smell until you add other notes. I want to get it right.

  1. I believe the note you are smelling is a violet leaf aroma chemical. It could be methyl octine carbonate. In any case, the violet leaf has a slight metallic note to it and is very widely used in the commercial men’s fragrances. It is meant to give off a more modern, fresh feel.

    ISO E Super is very nice but it smells quite differently. It is more like a velvety wood, quite pleasant in fact. For a reference ISO E Super try Escentric Molecules or Hermes Santal Massoia – it is very pronounced in the drydown.

    1. Aha- thank you for explaining that. I was floundering a bit as to how to explain it and couldn’t figure out what it was, but now I know.

      I shall look out for both of those so that I can isolate the smell in my memory bank.

      Thank you- I am always learning.

      best wishes

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