Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: Eternity is Everywhere


In the countdown to Valentine’s Day I thought I would look at some of the UK’s current best-sellers. I have already reviewed Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey, and today, I am reviewing Calvin Klein Eternity Moment.

Interestingly, both are made by prolific and legendary nose, Jacques Cavallier, who rather incongruously reminds me a little of the actor Jack Black.

Jacques Cavallier (from

I have been wearing Eternity Moment since this morning and I could see it being heavily promoted in both Superdrug and the Perfume Shop today. Unfortunately I am not impressed. It makes me think I have a been a little hard on Avon lately since this could easily pass for an Avon scent.  Either Calvin Klein is doing something wrong or Avon is getting it more right than I gave them credit for. It just smells low budget.

The first notes are all fruit: Lychee, Melon, Guava, Raspberry. Thankfully the sugar has been reduced so instead of this being a sickly fruit cocktail, it’s a lighter fruity scent without that whiff of novelty erasers you so often get.  After that the synthetic Jasmine and Passionflower become  a bit shrieky and are calmed down by some fake Amber.  On me, that’s about the dimension of it.

However the blurb says “Its fine and fresh floral aroma is invited to capture the eternal moment of two souls meeting, gazing at each other, touching for the first time

Longevity is good because I am still waiting for it to wear off four hours later. *sigh*

In a blind test, I would have called this a generic High Street fruity floral that has been tamed down on the sugar front and thankfully has no vanilla. That may sound like a lukewarm reception and that’s because it is.

As always, my reviews are purely subjective and you may feel differently.  There is no right and wrong in perfume.  Thousands of women buy and wear this, so I guess they outnumber this small voice of dissent. I saw this priced at 19.50GBP for 50ml, so maybe its affordability keeps it on those lists.


6 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: Eternity is Everywhere”

  1. Ugh – “to capture the eternal moment of two souls meeting, gazing at each other, touching for the first time ‘ – sorry to be Debbie Downer in this week of all things romantic, but just reading the advertising spiel made me want to run shrieking in the other direction.
    I must admit I’m not a big fan of things Klein – Obsession is about the only one my nose will barely appreciate. It’s interesting then, to see how many women are buying this, but then its been mind boggling to me to see the route that perfume has taken over the last few years with the frootchooli invasion. I just don’t get it. A whole generation happy to smell like fruit loops or cup cakes…

    1. Sorry Sally, I thought I had replied to this but it must have got lost in cyber space!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I just don’t understand why “A whole generation happy to smell like fruit loops or cup cakes…” as you so rightly put it. I often wonder if it is because the consumers actually want it or they have been given little choice and so have grown to like it.

      Either way, I hope this trend is on the way out. We can vote with our purses by buying up the good stuff!

      best wishes

    1. Hi lanier,

      I remember that tag line! Eternity Moment costs 19.50. I can think of many, many bottles that would see my money before Eternity!

      best wishes

  2. Dearest Iscent
    I must say I’m at one with yourself and others on this, it’s been a good while since anything of interest (Secret Obsession?) came out of Calvin.
    Changes in ownership and cheapening of materials are undoubtedly part of the problem, but that Cavalier, who has worked on some very good scents in his day should be involved in this piece of nonsense is sad.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dearest Mr Dandy,

      Alexander Pope once said that the point of literature was to “instruct delightfully”(how many essay questions did I quote that in!). That’s how I feel about your blog and your comments. You pass on so much interesting information in such a charming and useful way.

      The cheapness of ingredients that you point out would explain an awful lot about today’s perfume industry. I feel we are insidiously being persuaded to expect less and less from more and more launches. I often use Coty L’Aimant as a barometer. It is clearly produced cheaply and yet the quality is superb, so I won’t accept rubbish at a higher price! Coty proves it can be done.

      Your friend

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