You May Notice a Few Changes…


Now that I have reached a year, I have had to think about the long term future of my blog.  With your kind support and encouragement  I very much want to carry on.  In order to do this, I am going down the self hosting route.  There may be a  day or so of disruption and you may see a few ads on my page afterwards.  This will enable me to continue and to devote more time to this.  I do hope you understand  and I hope that I can count on your  continuing and much cherished support. The future’s bright …(I hope).

PS I am nervous!


7 thoughts on “You May Notice a Few Changes…”

  1. Good, no problem. You can very well judge us by our loyalty to our favorite perfumes so same goes with our favorite blog then!

  2. Hi Sam, even though your blog has now cost me a small fortune, long may you continue, I love your reviews and have even discovered a new (current) favourite perfume!! Figue Amere! Absolutely adore it, so thank you honey and well done!

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