4160 Tuesdays The Dark Heart of Old Havana: A New Voice

4160 Tuesdays

4160 Tuesdays is the brainchild of Sarah McCartney. Indpendent perfumers are to be cherished, and Sarah’s doing a pretty good job of being a treasure.  The school of thought here is that in an average life, we have 4160 Tuesdays and that we should make them count.  Creating your own brand of perfume is a pretty good start, Sarah.

Today I am reviewing The Dark Heart of Old  Havana and the quick review is that I like it very much.

Me visiting Sarah McCartney’s studio in 2014

Here is the longer review: I don’t know if you, like me, ever used to consider a nibbled sugar cube from a bowl a big treat as a child.  I wouldn’t do it now (sugar tongs, my dears!) but I remember clearly that white, almost nothing-y smell of white processed sugar.  Well, here is that smell again, only this time it’s combined with Tobacco, Coffee, Fruit, and a faint spiky hint of Geranium.

Imagine a dark Latin night, with music coming out of a brightly lit door, passing pavement cafes with Night Owls sipping Espresso and smoking in the night air.  If that’s what Sarah McCartney was imagining when she created this scent and this name, then she succeeded.  It’s one of those scents that takes you to a place in your imagination, rather than just changing your smell for a day.

Sarah is emerging as a British niche brand to watch. I have others to review from 4160 Tuesdays, so watch this space and if you can get hold of samples then do have a try.  Her Facebook Page tells me she gets around a lot (in the nicest possible way, of course) and also that she does perfume day courses, so it would not be unreasonable to think that one day you could meet her and do sniffage together. I like accessible brands and I like indie perfumers and I like The Dark Heart of Old Havana.


5 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays The Dark Heart of Old Havana: A New Voice”

  1. Sarah’s lovely in person, and she does indeed do sniffage days! They sound marvellous – she has a wonderful stash of venerable and vintage fragrances that you can try. Plus she’s very funny!

  2. This sounds lovely! I can’t wait to try this brand but I have to wait until after my spending ban. I’m definitely buying the samples box as there are a lot which have caught my eye x

  3. I tried some of these a while back, and liked many of them – I left with a sample of ‘ Urara’s Tokyo Cafe’ which is lovely. I see the collection has expanded and now includes a ‘says Alice’ – that I have to try!

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