Yves Rocher Secrets D’Essence Iris Noir: Another Beautiful Iris


What’s going on?  One minute Iris and I are not speaking, next thing, she’s top of my Christmas List and I’m giving her rave reviews.

 Once again, Iris has attracted me rather than repelled me and this time it’s Yves Rocher who are responsible.  After enjoying Miller Harris’ Terre D’Iris and bagging a bottle of Prada Infusion D’Iris for Christmas, there’s no stopping me.

 However, all the Iris Scents I like have one thing in common:  they are used in combination with citrus notes.  This seems to dispel my previous conception of Iris as a grey,earthy, rooty scent that often made me feel claustrophobic, as if I was face down in powder with the windows shut. When used alongside citrus, Iris is lightened up and becomes a prettier floral note.  In fact, used in this way, it’s a little bit addictive.

 Yves Rocher Secrets D’Essence Iris Noir is a beautifully done Iris scent that is combined with Bergamot to keep it light and flowery and feminine.  There are not many notes to start with, just a hint of Pepper here, perhaps a sniff of Coriander there.  When the basenotes come along and the Patchouli envelopes it,  it becomes a beautiful  rich and spiky scent with a delicious Iris backdrop. It’s blended smoothly and moves from day to evening in one silky move. Iris Noir indeed.

 Longevity is good at around five hours, and the price is reasonable at 22GBP for 50ml.  Yves Rocher always chuck in freebies and samples, so it’s worth ordering from them online.  Spoil yourself.  I dare you.

10 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Secrets D’Essence Iris Noir: Another Beautiful Iris”

    1. Hi Laurels, I know that Yves Rocher frequently discontinue, so I double checked this was still available,. It’s very sad this isn’t available in the US. I was very disappointed they discontinued Rose Absolue. Maybe our voices can help clamour to bring the good stuff back!

  1. Yes, they’ve discontinued their excellent Rose from this series. What an annoyance! The Secrets d’Essences range is always very good quality for the money, I think. And the deodorants, shower gels etc in the range are very good too.

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