Miller Harris Figue Amere: A Masterpiece


As much as I love Fig, if it is overdone or used with a heavy hand, I can feel as if I have eaten too many sultanas.  However, when used with a light hand and blended beautifully with other ingredients, as it has been here, Fig can hold its own and be drop dead gorgeous.


Miller Harris is a trusty brand. You will never buy a bad Miller Harris.  Packaging is good, quality of ingredients is good, Perfumer Lyn Harris is highly respected within the industry and they don’t produce mass market crowd pleasers.

Miller Harris Figue Amere takes fig leaf and surrounds it with friends so that it looks good.  Alone, I find it de trop, but here it is deliciously musky, with a little ambery heat and a depth that is both golden and glorious.

Fig leaf is combined with violet leaf to keep things as light as a petal. bergamot and mandarin are used to keep it sharp.  The basenote brings in the heavy mob with cedar, moss and amber. Every stage is divine and addictive, and somehow Oriental. It is rich, seductive, warm and yet light at the same time. Fig leaf is showcased against three different backgrounds, like a Three Act Play, and in each one, it emerges as the star. Miller Harris once again comes up trumps.  This is wonderful stuff, and if you ever get the chance, or get your mitts on a sample, I urge you to give it a go.


Figue Amere is available from Miller Harris.  You can also find Miller Harris fragrances at


3 thoughts on “Miller Harris Figue Amere: A Masterpiece”

  1. I only recently scored a half-empty bottle of this on ebay. Cor it’s good! I’m a serious fig fan – straight fig leaf with no coconut or creamy notes is very green and refreshing to my nose. I have a couple of fig fragrances that I can only wear when the temperature is in the 80s or they set my teeth on edge.

    This does have that refreshing top, but it’s so beautifully handled that my teeth are fine in this winter weather. 🙂 And I love where she takes it, off into that gorgeous warm cozy musk she uses in my beloved L’Air de Rien. *sighs happily*

  2. I like it when wisps of L’Air de Rien appear in her other perfumes (although I’ve not yet been able to wear LdR on its own). La pluie is my current favourite with an earthy base, and I’m hoping the new year may bring a review from iscentyouaday!

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