LUSH Gorilla Perfumes: Smell of Freedom


 I have written before of how I disliked the recent Lush Collection Set In Stone.  I found them bitter, like poisonous spells and there isn’t one that I would buy. However the 2012 range of Gorilla Perfumes were superb in quality, resonance and originality and are due the utmost respect.

Image Lush Smell of Freedom is a wonderful perfume for Winter, that, like Imogen Rose, made me think that Serge Lutens could have made it.  The quality of the ingredients and the simplicity with which they are used makes for a high quality scent.

You would probably like this is you like La Myrrhe, Ambre Sultan or a perfume I reviewed recently: Histoire d’Eau by Maubousson.

 Smell of Freedom is chock full of Oud, Cloves, Sandalwood, Ginger, Black Pepper and Wood.  There is also Jasmine and Orange Flower in it, but I was too enraptured by the woody woods to notice.  There is a smoky bonfire note in the background that makes this dark and mysterious.

This is deep and resonant and strong and smells about three times more expensive than it is.  In fact the solid is only 7.50 GBP, but beware of the yellow waxy finish on skin. It does go as your skin heats up, but can stain white clothes.  The spritz is reasonable too, at only 16GBP or the spray for 33GBP.  I call this excellent value and wonderful quality for those who like their scents smoky, woody and with a hint of cough mixture and bonfire smoke. Fabulous.


4 thoughts on “LUSH Gorilla Perfumes: Smell of Freedom”

  1. This sounds like a must try for me. I recently tried a few scents from the store after I read your Imogen Rose review and I really liked that one. It definitely smells classier than what you would imagine. Really well done. Some of the small bottles were awful though. Can’t remember the names but they definitely cleared the nasal passages. I do like the fact that this brand is pretty inexpensive and there are a variety of sizes, and small sprays so you can indulge in a little treat without feeling like you’re taking out a small mortgage.

    1. Thanks Megan. I agree that some of the scents are just dreadful but I usually find the ones in the black bottles are better than the Glastonbury style poison bottles that they sell Set in Stone in. I particularly like the little sold sticks. It’s a retro touch that I love! Unlike Lord of Goathorn, Euphoria, Furze and Sikkim Girls, which I found shocking!

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