Body Shop White Musk Libertine


This pretty flanker attracted me immediately.  It’s related to Body Shop White Musk and  such a pretty shade of pale pink, how could I resist?  Well, once I smelled it, it turns out that Body Shop White Musk Libertine  was very easy to resist, much to my disappointment.

With a faint background of  my beloved Body Shop White Musk, this is sadly ruined by a need to please the Tween market.  This strikes me as ironic and I would bet my last penny that the majority of Body Shop White Musk fans are women of a certain age, such as moi, for whom it holds a fond nostalgia.

However, someone somewhere saw fit to add scents of Whipped Cream, Honey and Almonds. This would be great in a cake, but not so great on my skin.  In fact, it’s more or less anosmic on me, fading as fast as it blooms, only to make a brief reappearance half an hour later before going again. If they had just kept the Rose and maybe a hint of Almond, they may have obtained the Turkish Delight vibe they were aiming for, but sadly I feel not much has been achieved here.  Nice idea, nice bottle, but the result is bland and doesn’t stand out in a competitive market.

2 thoughts on “Body Shop White Musk Libertine”

  1. I stopped by the Body Shop a couple if weeks ago to smell the White Musk you recommend, and as is typical with me and musk, smelled nothing. I hope more perfumers jump on the trend of listing artificial ingredients by name in their lists of notes (Ambroxan, Muscone, etc) so I could pin down the things I’m anosmic to.

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