Queen by Queen Latifah: Beneath The Bling, This Could Shine


I am no snob when it comes to celebrity fragrances, as you may have noticed.  I think that if a perfume was made by a professional and is priced to fit a low cost market, it’s worth a sniff.  You may just end up with a pleasant bargain.  I pay no heed to the name on the bottle.

Queen by Queen Latifah is a refreshing change for the normal sleb fare.  For one thing, it’s not fruity floral.  It is, however a little bit fruity patchouli hoo-hah, but with a bit of extra richness and a shot of Cognac, it is made rich rather then cheap smelling.

There is a big dose of Vanilla when you first spray it, but it is so rich that it avoids the usual error of smelling cakey.  This smells more like fermented Vanilla in a liqueur. That first loud shot of it is tempered by a few citrus notes, calming it down, like two sensible friends with a drunk.  After that the citruses fade and the Vanilla and Patchouli take centre stage and do a karaoke number together, so inseparable are they.

Forgive me if I wander into the metaphoric territory of a louche night time bar:  The booze in this and the last few festive days I’ve had are at the forefront of my mind when I smell this.

All in all, this is a rich winter gourmand. Yes it’s Vanilla, and yes its Patchouli but somehow, they have cranked up the volume and left out the candy floss and this works in the same way that eggnog works, but shouldn’t.

 The price makes it a total bargain too.  

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