Midnight Star by Neil Morris: Christmas is Coming!


 This would be the first time I have ever tried a Neil Morris fragrance, and judging by the quality and my enjoyment of it, it won’t be my last.

 Midnight Star opens with Aldehydes.  These are Tauer style Aldehydes rather than drugstore, although I don’t mind any sort of Aldehydes myself.  There are sharp, soapy notes that turn into summery flowers  with a hint of sharp Salt.  I found this slightly marine in nature, which was no Imagebad thing in my book when done well. When I say marine, I don’t mean Ozonic, which can so often go a bit air freshener.

 The middle notes are yellow flowers: Linden and Mimosa. They are sweet and respectable, never quite being rude enough to dominate or take over, as the basenotes enter politely and join them.

The base is an agreeable mixture of those lasting Aldehydes and fading Honeysuckle with a  calming base of Musk and Wood. In amongst all this I can smell sour lemons, which is no bad thing.  It just means that Midnight Star bangs its own drum and  doesn’t run with the pack.

Looking through the Neil Morris website, he has many more scents that tempt me, such as Cathedral, Leather Garden, and Hologram. I have a sample of the delightfully named “Prowl” which I intend to review soon.

Neil Morris is a one man show, just like Andy Tauer. Both men create what they love, not what a marketing brief tells them, and I  will never get tired of perfumers like them.

Prices for Neil Morris scents are reasonable at $70 for 30ml and he ships worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Midnight Star by Neil Morris: Christmas is Coming!”

  1. That does sound good! I know they are generally panned by perfumistas, but I rather like marine, and even ozonic and aquatic notes – as you say, they are often overdone, but sometimes they can be just right. Perhaps we will see some more good examples being launched next year.

    1. Dear Alice

      I quite agree. I quite like a salty, sea like scent, but so many slip into the Ocean Fresh toilet cleaner category. When it’s done right, it can be wonderful, like Midnight Star.

      best wishes


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