Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT: About Turn


 I have often sung the praises of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely: it is affordable, beautifully packaged and smells wonderful.  However, having finally met Narciso Rodriguez For Her, I feel my credit ought to have gone elsewhere.  They are so alike it is easy to mix them up when tested blind.  I could not tell them apart.

Whilst I still love Lovely, and will always have a bottle of it on my dressing table, it was launched in 2005, whilst NR for Her was launched the year before in 2004.  The similarity could be either coincidence, or homage. I refuse to think of it as olfactory plagiarism as I am so fond of Lovely and its Diffusion Line.

However, a great deal of credit must go to the Narciso Rodriguez Dream Team Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian, both legends in their own right.  Interestingly, I always thought SJP Lovely was also similar to Lanvin Rumeur, which was created by, yes Francis Kurkdjian. And so the happy circle goes on.


The similarities can be found in the fact that both perfumes start as a  rich floral that becomes Patchouli like and Woody almost as soon as the floral notes have registered.  Rather than being woody in a masculine sense, the prickly Patchouli and the clean florals produce an agreeable vintage note of nail polish, at least to me.  They both remind me of a 1950s dressing table with a layer of fine face powder and open bottles of nail colour and  several glass cut perfume bottles.  Both are impossibly feminine and elegant and I love them.

I am describing them together in one breath because try as I might, I cannot tell them apart. The notes listed for both are very different.  NR For Her purports to contain Bergamot, Neroli and no Patchouli at all.  Lovely is supposed to contain Lavender, Martini and Salt, yet both end results are the same.

The similarities are not necessarily a criticism.  As a diversion from the heaving mass of fruity florals and cheap candy floss patchoulis that the Noughties have drowned us in, these quality scents are worth their weight in gold.

I would go as far as to say that NR For Her was a game changer which spawned SJP Lovely, Estee Lauder Modern Muse, and even Avon bargain scent Rare Diamonds as mentioned earlier in my blog..

We needed NR For Her, and it came.

5 thoughts on “Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT: About Turn”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Others who understand ‘the industry’ tell me that such ‘coincidences’ happen as a result of the aromachemical manufacturers unveiling (or pushing) new compounds and noses simultaneously falling for them and, understandably, making use of them in similar ways. I think, going back some time, that Cinnabar and Opium came out in very, very quick succession but were developed on opposite sides of the Atlantic is complete seclusion.
    Whatever the reason, we should rejoice in having two ‘lovelies’ to contend with!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr dabdy,

      That’s a very interesting fact, and explains things very well. I couldn’t think for a moment that SJP would be so crass as to plagiarise, as her creative involvement went too deep to be a superficial copycat exercise.

      But, yes the aroma and flavour people pushing their latest hot number would indeed create a few trends.

      I cannot be sorry, as I love both scents and love their style too.

      Your friend

  2. To me, the opening of the edt really smells like my neighbor’s orange trees, later in the spring when the blossoms carpet the sidewalk. It is absolutely delightful for about half an hour, and then, in the story of my perfume life, it disappears, because I cannot smell the musk.

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