Taylor Swift Wonderstruck: I Am Never, Ever, Ever Going to Buy You


I was in two minds about reviewing Taylor Swift Wonderstruck as I thought I may risk repeating myself.  However, I suffered the wearing of it for a whole day so you’re all going to suffer with me. (insert spooky villain’s laugh here)

 Here’s the repetitive bit:  Why oh why do so many modern, low priced fragrances smell like an explosion in a candy floss factory?  This has been done so many times that I cannot pick out one single aspect of Wonderstruck that makes it different from any other fruity floral over-vanilla-ed modern scent.  It smells similar to Beyoncé Heat, Beyoncé Midnight Heat, Aquolina Pink Sugar, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Juicy Couture, Kylie Minogue Showtime and many others.

Top notes are: Freesia, Blackberry, Raspberry, Tea and Apple Blossom

Middle notes are: Vanilla, Honeysuckle and Hibiscus

Base notes are: Sandalwood, Amber, Peach and Musk.

At least that’s the official line.  What you actually get is cloyingly sweet Red Berries, Peach and Vanilla. And then more Vanilla. And some Sugar and more Berries.

We have been here before to the point of tedium.  I would like to say it’s lazy perfume making, but the sad fact is that this stuff is selling.  As long as people are buying it, our calls for a change will be drowned out by the clamour for candy floss.

I did notice a tide of change recently when the Fragrance Shop Discovery Box contained a leather chypre (Loewe Aura)and a good powdery lime (Boss Jour Pour Femme), so there is hope.  In the meantime, I am just waiting for the pink tidal wave to go back from whence it came.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck?  Nice bottle. If you like that sort of thing.

5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Wonderstruck: I Am Never, Ever, Ever Going to Buy You”

  1. I’m hoping that the tide will turn and the ‘lowest common denominator’ will return to being adults aimed at professional women. Or even those aimed at women who want to appear to be members of the oldest profession. Because a good ol’ slutty oriental can be a very good thing, as Tabu proves!

    Why can’t cheap perfume smell like Tweed? I remember that as being a slightly fusty green woody chypre. I’d kill to be presented with a bottle of something like that in Boots.

    PS I have one caveat about your list of culprits: IMHO Acquolina Pink Sugar isn’t so bad. At least it doesn’t feature berries. I have worn it without barfing. (Hmm, can I damn further with this praise of utter faintness, I wonder?)

    1. My dear friend, I bow to your greater knowledge and shall dig up a sample of Acqolina Pink Sugar to see what you mean.

      I agree about cheap perfumes wholeheartedly. they needn’t smell cheap. Look at L’Aimant- it smells like Chanel No 5, it’s a delectable 1920s style aldehyde and it’s less than a fiver- proving that it can be done.

      I too am a fan of 70s drugstore classics and I get all excited when I see them in old fashioned independent chemists. Oh, did I mention that cheapo Panache smells wonderful and lasts about ten hours?

  2. Pauvre Iscent
    Everything here I agree with too fervently to write further as I might explode in the affirmative.
    Let all these sweet candy cane bauble scents go to hell say I.
    Not terribly festive I know, but you understand why.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      Come away from those fetid invaders, don’t upset yourself my friend. They are imposters and must be treated as such. They deserve less than our pity.

      Comfort yourself with something of quality.

      Your friend

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