Serge Lutens La Myrrhe: Instant Vintage


Forgive this fragrance, because it knows not what it does!
You know about myrrh and the Three Kings.
What you don’t know is that, here, myrrh takes on the fragrance of the night. I make it sparkle and fizz like champagne, sustained by a base note of mandarin orange. -Serge Lutens

I had a similar experience with Serge Lutens La Myrrhe. When I first dabbed it on skin, it smelled like dried fruit that had been steeped in rum for so long that it had begun to rot.  There was spice and richness to an almost unbearable level. The volume was louder than my nose could cope with.  However, fast forward an hour, and I have a beautifully restrained spiced fragrance on my arm.The dark, resinous Myrrh is dominant, but the Amber, Spice and Almonds make this a beautifully winter rich scent for the colder months and the run up to Christmas.

It is as sumptuous as ten year old Christmas Cake, steeped in booze and kept airtight until the moment of eating. It smells like those mythical 200 year old cognacs that are still drinkable (although I wouldn’t it).

If you want the richest that Christmas has to offer.  It’s right here.  I can’t think of anything darker, richer or more festive right now. But give it a second chance, you might not take to it straight away. Oh, and be assured that if anyone asks you, you could tell them this was a 50 year old vintage scent and they would believe you.

8 thoughts on “Serge Lutens La Myrrhe: Instant Vintage”

  1. This perfume intrigues me. I have a wax sample but I assume that it’s not quite the same as the real thing. I read very mixed feedback on this one but usually I like / love Lutens so it’s definitely on the must try properly list!

    PS are you still going to keep going with your perfume writing when you’ve done 1 year? I really like reading your reviews even though this is only the 2nd time I’ve commented.

    1. Hello Megan and welcome!

      Yes La Myrrhe certainly deserves a whole day to itself so do try and find a tester if you can. I used a 2ml sample kindly loaned by a friend.

      I will try and keep the blog going, it is hard to do one every day, but I will miss it so much when I stop that I will probably carry on! Thank you so much for your very kind words. It means the world to me.

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