Serge Lutens Bois de Violette


 As a fan of Violets I couldn’t resist trying Serge Lutens Bois de Violette.  Having tried its cousin, Feminite du Bois, I was interested to smell how this branch of it  fared on its own.  As you may recall from my earlier review of Feminite du Bois, it frankly, smelled a bit like pants on me, despite its delicious woody top notes.

 Bois de Violette does rather better, although the Violets provide the chorus, rather than being the leading lady.  It opens with Woods and Violets, and beds down into more woodiness.  In fact, this gave me a vivid scent of a schoolroom: there was wax and chalk dust and the rich aged scent of old fashioned teak desks.

Created by the legendary Christopher Sheldrake, who co created Feminite du Bois, you can tell that Bois de Violette and Feminite are from the same hand.  Where Feminite was  a bit too intimate for me, Bois de Violette still has that human touch, although the basenote is more of a subtle smell of dried spit.  This is no bad thing, it’s a bit like the smell left after a long kiss, so not quite as bad as the old pants aroma.

The Violets remain both sweet and woody throughout, as if made from the bark of a mythical Violet tree. Longevity is stupendous.  I could swear I could smell it the following day, almost 18 hours later. Sometimes it’s really worth splashing out.

4 thoughts on “Serge Lutens Bois de Violette”

  1. I have to confess: I am not a violet fan. Love the colour, love the flower, not over-keen on the perfume. However, this might not be so bad. (Oh dear, damning with faint praise!) I do like the idea of the mythical Violet Tree. 🙂

  2. Feminite de bois was the one that triggered my interest in perfume – up till that point I treated perfume as functional item (just wore Cristalle without much thought, although I still like it!). I agree FdeB is a bit ‘intimate’, and also for me very serene, so I save it mainly for wearing at home for my own pleasure. Like lisawordbird I’m not that keen on violets, so the above doesn’t sound like a viable alternative, although I can see that it might be for others.

    BTW have you tried the new Kiehls rose/patchouli? I got sample from the shop at Kings X yesterday, apparently they sold out within 2 weeks of stocking it. Better than the Body shop rose non-event – I’d be interested to hear your views.

    1. Hi Alice- you have great taste- I have worn Cristalle for over 20 years!

      I’m glad to hear it’s not just me that find Feminite du Bois too close for comfort but Bois de Violette is a big improvement in my eyes!

      I will look out for the Kiehls. Rose and Patchouli go so well together! Thanks for the tip.

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