Estee Lauder Private Collection: The Ultimate Evergreen


Precious and quite rare…like a gathering of flowers, green leaves and spices from your private greenhouse.

Reader, I think I am in love again. If you could see my dressing table (modest by blogger standards) you would see immediately that greens are my thing. Recently I have tamed my greedy impulse to try on five scents at once and go home muttering that everything smells the same.  These days I’m a one scent woman, at least at the counter (at home I practice perfume promiscuity), and thus I came to really know Estee Lauder Private Collection.


To say it is Green would be an understatement. Bring it on, I say.

As soon as it goes on, it reminds me of the woody base left when O de Lancome has settled down, yet it effervesces as it lands on your skin.

Lemon and Bergamot keep this brisk, and there is a powdery note that arrives after an hour.  This just makes it more wonderful and establishes its status as a classic.  The end is a green, mossy dream, where the green, citrus notes lighten it up whilst it dries down into its woody patchouli finish, like expensive rough green tweed that you just want to keep forever.

I didn’t get the  promised heliotrope, nor the chrysanthemums (thank goodness- I don’t even like them in real life!), but to me this is a masterpiece for green lovers.  Indeed, Mrs Lauder kept it to herself until 1973, but I am very glad she chose to share it.

Longevity is good on my skin: around eight hours and I could NOT stop sniffing it.  My coat sleeve still bears witness several days later and I won’t be getting it dry cleaned anytime soon.

This has made it onto my Top Five  Wish List, (which is almost impossible to whittle down).  It would suit any season, any occasion, and I want ME to smell like THIS all the time.


7 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Private Collection: The Ultimate Evergreen”

  1. Mmmmm!!!! Sounds gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve smelled that. I’ve got more than a few Estee Lauders – it’s such great quality stuff and it’s comparatively cheap as blooming chips!

  2. It’s very pretty, but with lots of character. I also like Estee (the 1960s one, not the new Very Estee) – one of the very few perfumes I ever received a compliment on from a stranger. Agree they are excellent value (eg a gift set of Estee for £44).
    What are the other 4 on the wish list? – I’m dying to know!

    1. Oh you’re putting me on the spot Alice! I can only pick one and at the moment it’s Jo Loves No 42 the Flower Shop, Jesus de Pozo Ambar, EL Private Collection, Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac, Miller Harris Terre D’Iris, another set of Tauer samples, L’Air du Temps, well that’s today’s list anyway.. last week’s was different and next week’s will be too!

  3. I Scent hi! Just wanted to check have you tried Estée Lauder’s private collection Tuberose Gardenia Eau De Perfume as well as ‘Beyond Paradise ?i am thinking these for Christmas
    Have a fragrant evening

    1. Hi Cilantro, always a pleasure to hear from you. Yes i really like EL Private Colelction Tuberose and Gardenia and also Beyond Paradise. I prefer the former though- top quality! VERY tuberose.

      warmest wishes

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