Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose: Less Than I Hoped For


I tried The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rosetoday on my travels and was so attracted to the idea of the name that I asked the staff to open  a new tester, since the existing one was empty: a sure sign of the interest surrounding it.

When I first sprayed it, and when it was still wet, I could smell nothing at all.  When it dried, I could smell a faint hint of Musk, and , would you believe it? Caramel. If there are Roses I can’t smell them.  If they is a smokiness, it manifests itself as the smokiness you get from burnt sugar, or the bottom of a crème caramel.

Image This is pretty popular and has a good fanbase, but I think that’s because vanilla based gourmands seems to soar in popularity around Wintertime.  I love the idea of Smoky Rose, and I’ve always been a fan of TBS White Musk, so you would think this would be a winner. A smoked rose sounds so delicious in winter, but it wasn’t to be.  Sillage is very faint: close to skin straight away.  Longevity is so far two  hours, but faint.

I would love to get the Tobacco Flower, Roses, Frankincense  and Blackcurrant that I was promised, but for some reason this smells like heavily diluted White Musk with a Caramac bar rubbed over the top.

A great idea, poorly executed. Worth a try though, it might smell different on you. Incidentally, The Body Shop online works out much cheaper than buying instore. Sniff instore, buy online.

8 thoughts on “Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose: Less Than I Hoped For”

  1. That a pity, I spotted this recently but was in too much of a rush to give it a try. An on line check made it seem really promising: I would like a ‘winter’ semi-oriental rose, but find the likes of portrait of a lady just too much. Have you tried the Miller Harris rose en noir? I tested it the other days and it was rather nice.

    But more to the point, you have set off a serious craving for Caramac! I haven’t had this for about 30+ years! Can you still get it?

    keep up the excellent reviews, you will meet your target, I am sure

    1. Yes the important thing about this is that you CAN still buy Caramac and it’s still gorgeous!

      I haven’t tried Rose en Noir but I do love Miller Harris so I’m guessing it’s good. Have you tried Tauer’s Incense Rose? You can buy samples for £4.50 from Scent and Sensibility in the UK. A gorgeous Rose for Winter!

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have never tried the Tauers but will check this out, plus I note there is also a ‘rose chypree’, plus lisawordbird’s suggestion of the M&S rose … and I will definitely look out for some Caramac!

  2. Oh! Plus, if you’re on O2, check out the offers for Body Shop – they often have some kind of half price thing. Also often has vouchers for Bodyshop – like spend 20 pounds pay 10. Well worth checking them out.

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