Avon Rare Diamonds: I’ll Let You Into a Secret



As I have written before, Avon fragrance used to be hit and miss. At one point I stopped ordering fragrance from them after one disappointment too many. Things have picked up however.  I recently ordered Rare Diamonds and I might just have stumbled across an Avon treasure (along with Avon Premiere Luxe, which is also pretty good- see my earlier review).

Rare Diamonds is at the end of a pyramid of “If you like that, you’ll love this”.

If you like Narciso Rodriguez for Her, you’ll like Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely (which I own and rate very highly).  If you like Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, you will probably like Avon Rare Diamonds. This list is also in order of price.  Narciso Rodriguez is around  50GBP for 50ml. SJP Lovely is  a bargain at under 20GBP for 100ml (try Fragrance Direct) and finally, my bottle of Rare Diamonds set me back 6GBP for 50ml of EDP.

Rare Diamonds opens with strong florals in Gardenia, Jasmine and Plum Blossom, bedding down into a rich Woody Patchouli base, tinged with Amber. Thankfully, the promised Guava was absent (why did they even think it would work here?). Staying power is around four hours, and sillage is about arms length but it dies down into a more subtle pleasant aura after a while.

All in all, for six quid you can’t go wrong. The bottle is pretty too, with a faux Diamond stopper and a round glass base. My beauty bargain of the month!

Stockists:  You can buy Avon Rare Diamonds from your Avon rep or online at AvonShop UK

8 thoughts on “Avon Rare Diamonds: I’ll Let You Into a Secret”

  1. See, that sounds very Christmas presentable, doesn’t it?
    Would you recommend this fro a particular age-group or purpose?
    Is it office wear, yummy mummies, nice for teens, a good choice for Gran? (Bear in mind I refer to ‘your average Gran’ here, not my Shalimar-bustin’, Ivoire-poppin’ scary hootenanny of a WordMa. Oh gods, I hope she doesn’t find out she’s a character on your blog. I am not too old for a spanking. Well, I am, but you try telling WordMa that!)

    So anyway, after way too much family information, back to the perfume… 🙂

    1. Good for Yummy Mummies, maybe a bit musky/woody for teens. Certainly for anyone who would wear SJP Lovely, which I think is great for day or evening, but not particularly subtle.

      Wordma must be the talk of the church! but she does smell rather fabulous. As the Perfumed Dandy would say not old lady but “Grande Dame”.

    1. Speaking of your dear Ma, I have seen that Private Collection smells like Ivoire de Balmain according to Fragrantica readers. So maybe this is what is was supposed to smell like, only without the pants!

  2. So I wasn’t the only one who thought about SJP’s Lovely when smelling Rare Diamonds! Ever since I got it, I can’t stop spraying it on my wrist and smelling it over and over again… I just showered and it’s actually still on my wrist, which is kind of unusual for an Avon perfume, but hey, I’ll take it! 😀

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