Estee Lauder Very Estee: We Could Have Been Great Friends


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my valued US readers!  I hope you all find something to be thankful for.  We could all learn a lot from such a day. In your honour, I am reviewing a good old American brand. A stalwart of quality in the perfume world: yes, it’s the fabulous Estee Lauder.

I tried Very Estee  today on my spare arm (I only have two, but I kept one perfume- free for testing). If evolution is anything to go by, mothers would have at least four arms by now, in any case.

My very first impression of Very Estee was that I could smell Violets, then the Green notes.  My heartbeat quickened as I thought “Could this be another Balmain Jolie Madame?  But I was disappointed. Within minutes of spraying, the scent was so close to skin that it was barely there at all.  What I could smell, I liked very much, but if it fades within a minute what use is it?  I would never be so rude as to expect instant sillage to fill a room, but I would at least like to be able to smell it on myself for more than a few minutes.

Now, I love Estee Lauder as a brand: quality and ingredients are never less than excellent, but Very Estee was a disappointment. I read on Fragrantica that the notes contain Lotus Flower, Rose, Jasmine, Pink Pepper and Freesia, bedding down into Cashmere Woods, Cedar, Sandalwood and Musk.  It all sounds lovely, but all I got was Violet Leaf and Green notes, delicate as a dewdrop on the tongue and gone twice as fast.  Shame, since I love both of those notes and would have loved Very Estee to have hung round a bit longer.

This could be good if it had more resonance, or maybe it was just my cold skin swallowing it up.  I will still be a Lauder counter pest though, I just can’t stay away.

6 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Very Estee: We Could Have Been Great Friends”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from San Francisco! Oh that is a shame that Very Estee didn’t even stay long enough for tea. I love the line particularly Cinnabar, Lauder for Men and Youth Dew.

    1. Hi lanier, you are lucky to live in San Francisco. I have been there several times as I have relatives in San Jose. Clam Chowder in Boudins is a very happy memory.

      I agree about Estee Lauder, it is the best High Street fragrance brand, the quality is always great and if I ever got an EL gift voucher, I would be spoilt for choice.

      1. This is from Fragrantica. I hope it answers your question! Best wishes

        “Estée Lauder introduces the new fragrance Very Estée in fall 2012. The fragrance is announced as the glorification of Lauder women’s affinity for luxury and style and as a combination of modernity and heritage of this house. The advertising slogan goes “The new sexy fragrance”.”

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