103 reviews to go! Will I pull it off? Yes!


When I first began this blog, my intention was “A perfume a day for a year”.  With the “minor” distraction of two young primary age children, who sometimes help “That smells like hot sand, mum!” and sometimes hinder “You stink, Mum”, and a sinus problem that wiped my nose out for 3 weeks, it has not always been possible to blog every single day and I have got behind.  However.  I am determined to fulfil the promise I set myself and by the time this blog ends on the 2nd January 2014, I will have written 365 perfume reviews in 365 days.

The problem is, that there are more reviews than there are days left in the year.  But I will not let myself down and if it takes me till 3am the night before, I will have written 365 reviews in 365 days even if my eyelids are drooping and the coffee machine has died of exhaustion.

So far, it has been a real adventure and I have learned more from my valued commenters and followers than I ever thought possible. It is also never to soon to thank my dear friend Lisa Wordbird who has generously loaned me treasures I could only ever have dreamed of.

So dear readers, bear with me.  I am a work in progress, and I truly appreciate every one of you.

6 thoughts on “103 reviews to go! Will I pull it off? Yes!”

    1. Thank you so much lynnette! That means so much to me. It gets lonely with just me and a keyboard so it’s great to know I am reaching people who like what I do. Thank you so very much!

  1. I’ve been loving reading your blog and it’s wonderful to read your thoughts about fragrances – often diametrically opposed to my own. Some things I’ve found ghastly work brilliantly for you and vice versa. I love that it’s often quite unexpected things that we’ll agree on, like L’Air de Rien.

    I know you’re snowed under with the family and everything, but I hope you’ll be able to carry on with the blog next year, because reading it gives me what my friend Dulla refers to as ‘a happy’. 🙂

    1. Oh my dear Lisa! what a journey we’ve been on! You always smell amazing whenever I meet you but whenever I try to imitate that success at home, the results are mixed!

      If it hadn’t been for you this blog would have short and sparse. Knowing you has been an education and I am so glad that you get some enjoyment out of my blog. It’s a small payback as I owe you so much.

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