Chanel Chance Eau Tendre: A Thousand Ballerinas


I occasionally stop by the Chanel counter on my wanderings, although it’s usually to sniff Chanel No 19 and top up my Cristalle levels.  I am not enamoured of No 5, and usually ignore the others (I know! Shame on me).  However, I was sent a sample of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre by those nice people at The Fragrance Shop and I have to say that it is prettier than I imagined.

Opening with Grapefruit, Quince and Hyacinth, it’s pure and Spring like, almost ethereal.  The Quince is like the lightest of apple/pear scents, and the hyacinth, although noticeable, is done with a delicate hand without going all Zoflora on me.  Little Wonder when you find that the legendary Jacques Polge is responsible.

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There’s no heavy vanilla or red fruit or spice, or in fact anything heavy enough to pin it down.  It’s like a Will’O the Wisp in its delicacy.  It makes me think of ballerinas in white tulle and pink satin ballet shoes and tinkly melodies and everything that is lovely and nice and pretty and girly.

There are not many perfumes that I would regard as only for men or only for women, but Eau Tendre really does seem to be only for women.  Pale, pretty, dancing women that are elusive like nymphs. It’s so pure that it has a comforting feel to it, like freshly washed crisp cotton sheets, or a soft white blanket.

There is allegedly Amber and Cedar in the base, but all I get is a fluffy sort of Musk, light as clouds. This would be an ideal “first perfume” for a teenager.  It’s not remotely provocative. Longevity is in keeping with its floaty image.  Now you smell it, now you don’t.  Pouf! it’s gone.  Like Tinkerbell in a floaty nightie.

4 thoughts on “Chanel Chance Eau Tendre: A Thousand Ballerinas”

  1. I love the idea of perfumes for teenagers. Interestingly, a few of my friends want only the lightest, lightest fragrances and find even zingy spritzes like Eau Dynamisante too overpowering. I shall mention this to them.

    1. Oh yes do. It’s ideal as a first perfume but also very innocuous for office wear and everyday. Also- I was wrong about longevity. It went away but then it came back. I’d say staying power was around five hours in the end.

  2. My young teenage daughter has been asking for a perfume this Christmas and this seems like the perfect gift. Thanks for this review, you have just helped out a mother who was literally tearing her hair out trying to find the ‘right’ fragrance.

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