LUSH Imogen Rose: High End Scent on Your High Street


LUSH scents are both underrated and overrated.  The 2012 Gorilla Range was excellent, but the 2013 Set in Stone range, was in my humble opinion, abysmally unpleasant. I have reviewed Euphoria and Furze elsewhere on this blog. I recently made it to a branch of LUSH and tried all the others. Frankly they repelled me.

 However, there were some real treasures from last year’s Gorilla range that have the advantage of being affordable, available and not smelling like everyone else on the High Street. On my local High Street, the perfumes I get wafts of most often are Angel and Avon Far Away. 

 The Gorilla Perfume Range has several excellent scents: notably Smell of Weather Turning, Tuca Tuca and the lovely Imogen Rose, which I am reviewing today.

 If I had smelled Imogen Rose blind I would have assumed it was made by Serge Lutens. The quality and resonance are apparent immediately. However the difference between Imogen Rose and a Serge is about forty quid, so you’re onto a winner straight away.

 I could just label this a Rose/Violet sweetie and move on, but it is so much more. For one, there is no Violet despite it smelling like Violet, if you see what I mean.  Sometimes a note can arise from the combination of other ingredients and I think that’s what happened here (well that’s my theory anyway, I know I can smell Violet!).  This reminds me of those beautiful Rose and Violet creams you can get in a box for Christmas. The Rose is Damascene, which to me always has a hint of honey. There is Musk too, but it is animal friendly Musk Mallow, a plant substitute for animal based musk.Image

 The Vetiver stops the Rose getting too twee, and the Bergamot cuts through the opening to provide a freshness to the Rose that stops it being too fuzzy or cloying.

 This is pretty, whimsical and long lasting and for prices that start at £10 for a solid push up stick (it’s so gorgeous!) to £42 for a big bottle, you can’t go wrong.


2 thoughts on “LUSH Imogen Rose: High End Scent on Your High Street”

  1. Hello. I love your blog idea by the way. Might pop in to Lush next time I’m near one and try this one out. The strong smells wafting from their stores have always put me off entering I have to say but I hear that they do a couple of good scents and I do love a rose especially if it resembles a Lutens.

    1. Thank you megan, that’s very kind of you. the idea behind the blog was to write a review every day for a year but having two children means I sometimes have to miss a day and catch up later. As long as I get 365 reviews done by 2nd Jan I guess I can still say “I did it”.

      And yes do try the Gorilla range, but avoid the Set in Stone range if you can!

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