Miller Harris Terre D’Iris: My Iris Renaissance


 I have often complained of my dislike for Iris, despite trying what feels like every permutation before putting it to bed and saying goodbye for good.

 However, in the perfume world, the mood can change on a sixpence.  Thus I sampled Miller Harris Terre D’Iris with a heavy resignation, only to be pleasantly surprised.  Within minutes my eyes had lit up and my nose was firmly attached to my wrist.  At last an Iris I really, genuinely love! Iris knows how to get on my good side, and opens with two of my favourite notes: Bergamot and bitter orange.  The Iris, which is there from start to finish, is framed in a different way that I haven’t previously come across .  Rather than bringing out its rooty carroty notes that have been so offputting before, the jangling citrus opening showcases the best of Iris, bringing its feminine and floral qualities, previously hidden from me, to the fore.

 The middle is herbal: Rosemary and Clary Sage, and this keeps it light, almost presenting Iris as hesperide/cologne style, which for me, really works.

The basenotes are again herbal, with patchouli, green fir, and a rich, green balsamic finish.  It’s like a citrussy pine forest, gracefully sidestepping any kind of disinfectant similarity, thankfully.

This fresh approach to Iris works brilliantly and I can finally say, hand on heart, that this is an Iris scent that I would truly love to own. Another triumph from Miller Harris.


11 thoughts on “Miller Harris Terre D’Iris: My Iris Renaissance”

    1. Hi Laurels, I think we share a disdain for Iris and I’m not sure this changed my mind overall, but this is really wearable and fresh. I sometimes find Iris rooty and vegetable-like and unpleasant, but with these fresh ingredients it’s very pretty ( for a change!).

    1. Ah dear Lanier!

      Yes at last I found an Iris I can get on board with. I think it’s because it has been framed with pretty citruses. I could actually consider a full bottle of this. It’s so pretty and not a hint of carrots!

  1. I’m always late in my responses to your posts, but once again..great review. I’ve really come around to MH, after rather dismissing them a few years ago as not very interesting. They have a well made, straightforward feel which is really refreshing after so may over-hyped and obscure niche fragrances (I’m eyeing up the 3x15ml gift sets!). Such great bottles as well, pretty but not glitzy, just how I like them!

      1. Cute aren’t they – I think the bottles even have some of the MH flower pattern on them! I want both sets – a mini MH collection for around the same price as a single typical niche bottle. As you say..Dear Santa

      2. Forgot to say.. just tried the Terre d’iris and I really like it! The herbal/floral/rich/green mix is interesting but wearable in many situations, I would imagine (on a woman it would be fine for work, always a key point for me as it accounts for 5/7 days!). Thanks for drawing my attention to this one.

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