Ralph Lauren Big Pony No 4 For Women: Death by Cherrybomb


On trying Ralph Lauren Big Pony Number 4 For Women, I was shocked to read the blurb. It is apparently intended for a “dynamic woman ready for challenges” and ” it is described with a floral-oriental composition created of wild cherry and violet amber”. I beg to differ.  The total berry overkill makes this a smellalike to Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy: a vanilla/strawberry candy floss concotion.  The only Midnight Fantasy it would create would be for that of a an 8 year old girl longing for a midnight feast having been banned from eating sugar. But I digress.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Number 4, alleges to be a floral oriental.  Now maybe I’m getting this wrong but this is about as Oriental as fish and chips. On Fragrantica only two notes are listed: Cherry and Amber. The problem is that  the teeth clenchingly sweet Cherries simply dominate and the Amber only has the strength to peep out briefly from under a ten tonne cherry stone. This doesn’t come cheap either, but you can be comforted by the fact that if you know of any fans of Big Pony Number 4, you could easily decant the cheaper Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy into an empty bottle.  Or failing that, cherry syrup. “Dynamic Woman ready for challenges?”  More like a fourteen year old girl having a sleepover and googling Harry Styles on her IPhone.

4 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Big Pony No 4 For Women: Death by Cherrybomb”

  1. I cannot take ANY of the Big Pony range seriously, having courted for a while with a gent of the ‘cockernee’ persuasion. He introduced me to the glorious expression ‘tha’s a pile of ol’ pony, treacle!’ which translates into the Queen’s Speech as ‘that is a lot of rubbish, dear girl’. In rhyming slang, ‘pony’ stands for ‘pony and trap’, which rhymes with a colloquiallism for poo.

    You can guess the hilarity whenever I see a bottle of Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony No. 2.

    1. Ha! Vernacular FAIL from Ralph Lauren. It’s just as well you don’t take the Big Pony range seriously. I don’t think you’re missing much. And as for “Big Pony Number Two!” that’s hilarious. Who’d want to smell like horse poop!

      1. Hmm, well that’s where things get hinky. I adore L’Artisan’s Dzing! which smells of the circus and stables and to me smells of all things horsey – from hay to sweaty saddles to poo. It has a very definite scent, horse poo. Actually not that offensive when fresh. (Trust me on this – I hang out at the stables with my little girl.)

        So I have spent good money on smelling like horse poo.

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