Andy Tauer Le Maroc Pour Elle: In The Beginning…



Le Maroc Pour Elle is the first perfume that Andy Tauer launched.  Luckily for us, its success persuaded him to make more and his second perfume, L’Air Du Desert Marocain, was even more successful and is spoken of in reverent tones by many a perfume fan. The rest is history.

 Le Maroc Pour Elle was an unusual one for me.  My first impression was that it smelled like a cross between Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass and  Worth Je Reviens.   However,  and it’s a big however, when the rose kicks in, the whole puzzle really comes together and makes sense.

Within around ten minutes this smells like one of those wonderful independent shops filled with a plethora of incense and candles and tiny phials of perfumes oils and pot pourri.  It’s very BoHo, very hippie, and has a whimsical nostalgia about it.

The lavender is strong, and pervades throughout, which can sometimes give a soapy/detergent feel when used with a heavy hand, but here, it is kept in check by the roses.

The base stays light, unlike many Tauers in which the basenotes become richer and resonant in the final phase. Le Maroc Pour Elle makes me think of a retro hippy market on a summer’s day, incense is in the air, you’re wearing freshly laundered clothes and walking past a flower shop. You’ve got all the time in the world and the sky is blue.


PS My three year old stopped what he was doing and ran across the room to say “Mum, you smell LOVELY” whilst my seven year old said “No you don’t, you stink.”


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  1. Ooooh, your review makes me want to smell it again! I know I smelled it years ago, because I had a damn good toot on all the fragrances that Andy had made before I bought my preciousssssss bottle of L’Air du Desert Marocain. *strokes bottle, makes cooing sounds*
    I remember the rose…

  2. Hi Iscent, I stumbled across this perfume name( no sample though)
    Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Eau de Parfum,
    Have you used it? If so please let me know. I am crazy of some of the Mediterranean fragrance like Moroccan Azzemour which Evelyne & Crabtree used to make as diffuser essential oil & whole house will smell so exotic in winter like you are lost in a forbidden paradise.Unfortunately they discontinued whole Azzemour line. I spent $50 stupidly on eBay for Azzemour room freshner & it didn’t even smell remotely like the original one. I have no clue why do these companies discontinue such exotic popular fragrances & oils

    1. Hi Cilantro, you are always very welcome! I have reviewed Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean here on this very site. I found it a promising opening, but then it smelled a bit like coffee. I can’t link it as my computer doesn’t seem to like it when I link to my own site, but type it into the search box and it should come up.

      Moroccan Azzemour sounds amazing! I hate it when they discontinue the good stuff and keep bringing out new launches that all smell the same!

  3. Is the seven year old the Star Wars fan? He’d probably prefer Eau de Action Figure. I think there’s an art perfume called Plastique, although if his nose is like mine, Tocade is a more affordable substitute. Also, Anne Pliska goes all Play-Doh on me, and I’ve heard the same about that People of the Labyrinths thing. (Play-Doh is a soft, colorful modeling clay with a very distinctive smell, in case, like Barbie dolls, England has a different version.) My nephews are eleven and two-and-a-half, and I suspect they’d prefer that everything smell like candy.

    1. Hi Laurels- what a good memory you have! It was indeed the Seven year old Star wars fan.

      I am thinking of buying him some cologne for Christmas- I was thinking of Brainy Smurf! My three year old (four next week) enjoyed a squirt of Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights earlier today.

      I have smelled UK Playdoh, which, although I don’t like gourmand perfumes, I found it smelled like marzipan. In fact Dior’s Hypnotic Poison was so marzipan/Almond Playdoh I couldn’t get my nose off my wrist. Addictive!

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