La Vie est Belle Legere: Now it’s Just Right


Forgive my brief absence.  I spent a few days in beautiful West Wales with family (the photograph is of Cenarth Falls, Pembrokeshire). Sadly I did not make it to nearby  Caldey Island, nor did I manage to purchase the world famous Lavender soliflore that the Monks of Caldey make. It’s considered the best Lavender soliflore in the world by none other than Luca Turin himself. There is still time though.  I’ll be going back when there are fewer big waves. Image

I reviewed Lancome’s La Vie est Belle earlier in my blog and found it pretty, but  a little too gourmand for true love.  At the time I remember wishing they’d crank up the flowers and phase out the praline.  Well, it looks like my wish came true.

 La Vie est Belle L’Eau de Parfum Legere (also known as La Vie est Belle Legere is a perfect balance.  You can still smell the Angel influence (as with most modern gourmands) but they have turned up the volume on the Jasmine (Jasmine Sambac to be precise) and really toned down the Caramel and Praline notes that put me off the original.

I also found the top Blackcurrant note very pleasing and more noticeable this time round.  As much as I dislike red fruit and an over use of berries in scent, I rather like a touch of thirst quenching Blackcurrant if it’s done without too much sweetness.

I did hesitate before reviewing this since I have already covered La Vie est Belle, but I found this different enough to merit its own review.  The drawback is that you will still smell like other people. It’s very mainstream.  Imagine if you diluted Angel by 90%, added some fresh, sharp blackcurrants and filled the gaps with radiant Jasmine. You’d pretty much have this at the end.  I found this far more wearable than the original, and wouldn’t turn down a bottle, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it. A good scent though: very pretty.


You can buy  La Vie est Belle Legere  from Debenhams or .


7 thoughts on “La Vie est Belle Legere: Now it’s Just Right”

  1. Hi IScent your vacation picture is so lovely. About missing Lavender i felt terrible though because i have heard of English Lavender so much.Though here in US I won’t care much as i have visited couple of farms & got their gourmet products as well as Lavender fragrance but it is so fragile & delicate & vanishes quickly. i have spent hundreds of dollars on Lavender plants & once V threw 2 of my Lavender pots thinking they are dying & he had to compensate with 4 more plants, well that is another story.About Lancôme la-vie-est-belle-eau-de-parfum- you are absolutely right, Here there is such a crazy promotion going on that whole malls smell of it so I have kept myself away from it. Now V has asked me to buy 2 perfumes for the Envy goof up by him so pls give some suggestions.

    1. Hi Cilantro, V is clearly a saboteur! Throwing away lavender plants and not packing the Envy! Dear me. He owes you BIG. I’d be shopping at the Serge Lutens and Amouage counters if I were you!

  2. Ah, West Wales is so lovely. I’m jealous. 🙂 Did you know that those lovely monks at Caldey Island also make really good chocolate? Mmmmmmm!
    Oh, and they have a shop in town. Near that marvellous restaurant – you know the place! I was forcibly dragged out of there by The Word Chick after spending far too long smelling things. They do lots of other perfumes as well, you know, and I enjoyed their No.1 and their Gorse, as I remember. Lots of tiny sizes, too, which is always good.
    Oh, and I heard something nice for friends outside the UK, who are missing the delights of Caldey Island Lavender due to our post office’s ban on posting perfumes overseas. (Ooooh, the kerfuffle that one has caused!). Caldey have created an oil version of Lavender, so it gets around the whole ‘posting alcohol’ problem, plus it’s also suitable for perfume fans who avoid alcohol. I hope you don’t mind me putting in a link? Obviously, UK fans who want to get their mitts on a bottle of Caldey’s Finest can also find the regular version on there. (And boy is it cheap! A tenner will get you 28mls. What value!)

    1. Hello my dearest Wordbird. Indeed for the quality it’s cheap as chips. Of course I don’t mind you posting a link! Your posts are an education and I always love hearing your views and your knowledge, and your little vignettes, often told with a saucy wink.

  3. Dearest Iscent
    Now you know how The Dandy feels about all things west Wales… but console yourself as I fear you might not even have been able to make it to Caldey if you’d wanted to. I believe the monk’s hospitality as far as the hoi poloi is concerned extends only as far as the summer season.
    The Dandy detested La Vie Est Belle, as much it must be said for that overly toothsome and somehow tacky advertising campaign, though this sounds moderately interesting in a mainstream sort of way.. well, the blackcurrant does. Do you suppose it was all that Ribena during times of childhood illness that did it?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I can well imagine you eschewing the La Vie est Belle display with an elegant but determined swerve!. Not your thing at all. I think the Legere is a better version, but in truth it’s a diluted Baby Angel with some Jasmine. The slight foody note makes it very mainstream, but it is still an improvement on its nougaty flagship.

      And as for West Wales- as you know, it’s such a divine place. It’s seriously underrated compared to Devon and Cornwall and I hope it stays that way as the roads were blessedly empty and beautiful.

      Your friend

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