19 thoughts on “Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan: Oh dear.”

    1. Hi XenadawG, I am so over baby poo having spent around five years up to my elbows in it. As one son grew out of them, I had another one who needed them. Thankfully now no nappies are in my house.

      best wishes

  1. Dearest Iscent
    I do wonder sometimes what you would think of The Dandy’s ‘days off aroma’ if ever we met, for civet and tobacco together with hides and unwashed musks sounds quite amazing to me…
    I have a feeling you might run a proverbial mile!
    Tee hee.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      If I were to meet you wearing Muscs Koublai Khan, I wouldn’t believe it was you! If I met you on one of your Un Jardin en Mediterranee days, that would be a different matter!

      Your friend

    1. Dear Mr Hound,

      It is indeed Mighty. It is Mighty enough to make me run away out of the door, down the garden path and far into the yonder! I’d rather sniff a tramp.

      Thanks for dropping by. I am sure it smells much nicer on you!

  2. This intrigues me, because so far the only musks I’ve actually been able to smell have been either the white or the full-on dryer sheet variety. Although if I liked it, I might be afraid to wear it in public, as I’d wonder if I smelled like unwashed man to other people.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      I like a clean Muks, a White Musk, a Rose Musk: pretty much any sort of Musk. I also don’t mind a slightly dirty fragrance such as L’Air de Rien. However, this was beyond the pale and had me running for cover. A real shocker.

  3. I have always found that this smells like Imran Khan on me: suave, elegant and polite, with a touch of rose. (I always thought Mr. Khan was a total dish when he was a cricketer, all the more now he’s a politician and charity fundraiser.) I get no dirty old men, fag butts or mongol hoardes.

    Maybe we should give it the ultimate test: try it on the kids! They always seem to make perfumes smell incredible.

    1. Oh I bet Imran Khan smells lovely! Sadly this reminded me of a very small stale flat full of roll ups and tightly closed windows. Awful. I wonder what it would smell like on you? Probably much nicer. I couldn’t put it on the children unless it was bath night!

  4. Sadly, on first glance of the name of the perfume, I thought it was called Mucus. Then I thought it must be something to do with mussels. (Also intrigued to know how exactly Lisawordbird knows how Imran Khan smells in such detail – something we want to know perhaps?)

    1. Oh my dear Eleanor, if you had smelled Muscs Koublai Khan, you’d long for mucus as a preferable alternative!

      In fact, I hope you realise that that is now indelibly in my memory bank as Mucus Koublai Khan and I don’t mind because I didn’t like it anyway.

      As for Lisa appearing to know how Mr Khan smells, she’s keeping schtum. Funnily enough though, I often wonder how famous people smell. I’ve heard Keanu Reeves smells very unwashed, but I would overlook it.

  5. What a wonderful review. Simultaneously explaining why you can’t bear it but making me want to give it a go. Then again, I think L’Air de Rien smells light and sweet, and I seem to have a particular affinity for animalic tobacco.
    (And I like Womanly…)

    1. Honoured guest! Thank you so much for dropping by
      (and for using your Tuesdays to make perfumes fans so happy).

      I’m glad you like my review. I actually enjoy reading reviews about stuff people don’t like. The Perfumed Dandy once had me nearly crying with mirth at his acerbic take on Obsession.

      My English teacher always said it was OK to dislike a piece of work as long as you can explain why. I love Uncle Serge’s work, but not without discernment or distinction.

      L’Air de Rien reminds my friend Lisa of flannelette sheets and it reminds me of student parties, so we both like it for different associations. As for Womanity- all I can say is mermaid’s knickers!

      Warmest wishes and thanks

    1. That would be an interesting scent and I have often thought SL Daim Blond was the scent of an expensive car interior!

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