Jo Loves…A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas


Jo Loveis the range created by Jo Malone the person after retiring from Jo Malone the company in 2006.  It’s a small range and I have reviewed many, actually all, of her range previously in this blog.

Recently Jo Loves opened its first shop on Elizabeth Street in London’s poshest of posh parts, and as you can see from the photo, its looking god.


Jo Loves has launched three new scents to coincide with the shop opening and I am lucky enough to be in receipt of some samples, albeit on sealed blotters. Humph. As a result I cannot tell you how it reacts on skin, but to be honest, I can only ever tell you how  a scent reacts on my skin. Yours may be a different story (see my review of Serge Noire!)

Today I shall be reviewing A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas, but at some point I shall also review Muguet and Cedar and No 42 The Flowershop.

A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas does smell of Fresh Sweet Peas, there’s no doubt about it, however, looking at the notes on Fragrantica, there is no Sweet Pea note listed.  There are Oranges, Pear, Rose, Marigold, Ylang and Cypress. When you combine these notes, you get a pretty good Sweet Pea representation, even without the Sweet Pea.

Fresh Sweet Peas is light and airy as a fluffy white cloud. In my mind’s eye, I see it as the perfect bridesmaid perfume. It’s too pure for a bride, who lets face it, needs to be seductive by bedtime. However, it passes the commuter test with flying colours.  If you sat on a crowded train wearing Fresh Sweet Peas, you would be surrounded by an invisible cloud of flowers and butterflies that would make everyone smile without knowing why. You know, a bit like a fabric softener advert.

However, as pretty and dainty as this is, and it is done very well indeed, two niggling thoughts popped into my head.  One- this reminds me of some Avon bubble bath I had recently, and Two- why am I thinking of Yardley? If I’m honest, this is good if you want light and airy and inoffensive, but right now it’s too twee for me. Ask me again in Spring: my answer will be different.

 Bath and Body Works does a respectable Sweet Pea as does iconic English brand Bronnley.  That’s not to say there isn’t room for another, and this light and pure scent does indeed spread a little joy, even in cold weather.

10 thoughts on “Jo Loves…A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas”

  1. So great you got to these new releases so early. I liked some oj Jo Loves fragrances I tried before.
    I will read your review thoroughtly tomorrow, it’s time to go to bed now

      1. Hi lucasai. Sadly these are only on blotter paper but they have been sealed in separate cellophane envelopes and apart from not being able to see what they’re like on my skin, I’m happy enough just to get a try.

  2. Clicked on your B & BW link, as I once had the Sweet Pea hand soap and loved it, and my is that a pretty bottle for the edp. I may have to go see it in person, and weigh its charms against the likelihood that I’d actually wear it.

    1. Hi Letta and welcome! I couldn’t vouch for it, but it’s worth looking into. I was illustrating that other Sweet Pea scents are available, but I’d have to have them all in front of me to give an accurate opinion.

      I think Bath and Body Works is a great brand so it’s worth a try!

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