9 thoughts on “Avon Premiere Luxe EDP: A High Quality Chypre From Avon? Oh Yes.”

  1. Fantastic news! So, with Xmas starting to loom and lots of us being on a budget, I take it that this is a suitable present. Now the tricky question: who for? Would I buy this for a daughter or a friend or a parent – given that I am in my mid forties (of course we all know you are a mere stripling of 21)(Loud cough.) (Given also that my beloved Ma is the only woman I know who can actually wear Shalimar and oh boy, does she ever! The whole church knows when she’s in.)

    1. At £7.69 a bottle I would buy it for everybody who wasn’t addicted to light florals. Everybody. It looks like you’ve dropped a whole mega wedge of cash down the perfume shop.

    2. Dearest Lisa
      I’m puzzled by your assertion that your dear ma is ‘the only woman I know who can actually wear Shalimar’… why would one be afraid of such a wholesomely unwholesome treat?!?
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. “oh boy, does she ever! The whole church knows when she’s in” That made me laugh! In my mind’s eye I am seeing a whole new ad campaign.

    No more naked supermodels, just Mrs Wordbird Senior in her best, and the caption “the whole church knows when she’s in.”
    Shalimar….By Guerlain”

  3. Dearest Iscent
    I’m confused… a vanilla chypre? It sounds intriguing, especially as I rather like blackcurrant… especially in a chypre, I’m thinking of Balmain de Balmain.
    If only I had that Avon Lady… it seems a betrayal to get it on ebay!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Dear Mr Dandy,

    It’s not completely Vanilla, it’s more that I noticed the sweetness in it was probably vanilla, but not overpoweringly so. It’s more White Flowers with heat than anything Sadly this is not remotely like Balmain de Balmain- how I wish it were! I’d be keeping Jill of Avon in comfortable retirement and buying crates of it.

    I adore B de B, and prefer my scents unsweetened, unlike my tea. However, I am so relieved that Avon is finally barking up the right tree, that I am giving this one a glowing review in order to encourage further Avon dabblings along this route.

    Your friend

  5. Darling Dandy
    Sadly, my beloved Ma is the only woman I have met in the flesh who can pull off Shalimar. I have offered my bottle to two friends before Ma snagged it and doused herself with it, mentioning ‘I like perfume I can smell on me’.
    Like our dear IScent, I find Shalimar just doesn’t work at all on my skin or with my character (and I am a woman whose ‘signature’ perfume is Opium, so I’m not scared of a big smell). On me, Shalimar is more like Texaco’s finest.

  6. I have just re-read my post above and realise I may have given an impression that my sainted Ma is some kind of burly matron with a husky voice who could run up a hill with a pig under each arm before noshing on a Cow Pie like Desperate Dan’s mater. I have to correct this, (or she won’t let me have any Christmas dinner), she is of course an elegant and charming lady. Blunt, mind you. Famously unfiltered in her opinions.

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