Chloe Original by Karl Lagerfeld 1975: A Seventies classic at Seventies prices.


Chloe Original is not to be confused with the current Chloe with a bow around its neck. Chloe Original was created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1975 and is a little bit of a retro classic (although it was not called Original back then. The flotilla of remakes could not have been predicted).

Available for under 15GBP for 50ml (see below), this is easily obtained and a good use of anyone’s perfume budget.  When I first tried it, I found it cloying and too rich with no room to breathe.

However, fast forward a few years and my understanding of scent, and particularly Tuberose, persuades me that this is a very good perfume indeed, and a 1970s classic at that, worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with its contemporary: Anais Anais.

chloe ead

The most dominant top notes are Aldehydes (just in the beginning before they fade to powder), Peaches (sadly not a favourite) Honeysuckle and flowers galore. Even if Peaches are not your thing, and they’re certainly not my cup of tea, do bear with Chloe because after a while it turns into a Rose, Tuberose, Jasmine flowerfest with a little Sandalwood and Amber to round things off.

For some, the busy-ness of the many flowers may be de trop, but if you “get” or like Tuberose (they are not always mutually exclusive), then you have yourself a bargain. It is a warm, rich floral, as opposed to being a “fresh” floral or a light cologne floral.

chloe 2

Longevity is very good at around eight hours, and the price is right too. You can find Chloe on Amazon for a mere 16.50 for 50ml, although I have seen it even cheaper in High Street stores such as Bodycare and Savers, should you be near a branch. I bought a bottle last year for 9.99 for 30ml in my local branch of Bodycare and they are still there.

I have a soft spot for Seventies perfumes and enjoy wearing them. It reminds me of the decade when I was a child and times seemed more simple.  When they are of good quality such as Chloe Original, it’s worth doling out a tenner for a blast from the past that has aged rather well.




5 thoughts on “Chloe Original by Karl Lagerfeld 1975: A Seventies classic at Seventies prices.”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    WordPress seems to have eaten my homework… sorry I mean comment, for it was here a moment ago!
    Now, as I was saying, you know I’m with you on scents of the seventies (in fact, generally I feel that the culture of that decade could do with re-assessment, but that’s another discussion) and so it will come as no surprise that this is one I rather like.
    For some reason, which as I am as yet to put my finger on, this strikes me as being something of a ‘disco’ scent. I can imagine young ladies dreaming of entering glitterball illuminated landscapes bestride white horses wearing this and little or nothing else.
    Yes, very seventies, very big, very ‘going out’.
    Adore it.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      My sporadic internet connection has eaten more blogs than I’ve had hot dinners. I sympathise.

      As to Chloe- yes I think of it as an “occasion” scent. A scent that goes with wide flares and tonged hair and lots of lip gloss ready to get down to Donna Summer.

      I always look at the Seventies with rose tinted spectacles. It was a time when all decisions were made for me so I could get on with the business of playing.

      Your friend

  2. Ah, two different ‘fumes. Thank you for clearing up some confusion. Reading about the new one had me wondering if I’d dreamed up the old one.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      No the old one is still kicking around and jolly good value it is too. It’s nothing like the modern Chloes, but it’s nice to know a good 70s classic can be had for around 10GBP.

      best wishes

  3. On a tangential point, my friend Martyn and I have a code for whether or not he likes a lady when he’s on a first date (he’s a hopeless romantic with a yen for online dating sites, what more do I need to say?). If the lady is everything he hoped for, he tells me ‘she smells of peaches’. It comes from Dita von Teese’s guest appearance on CSI, when she romanced young Greg and he fell for her. He said ‘she smells of peaches’, as they’re taking her away in handcuffs.
    *wipes tear from eye*

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