Robert Piguet Baghari 2006


 From the House that brought us Fracas and Bandit comes this Autumnal Oriental Aldehydic treat.

I can’t pretend to know if this Baghari is better than the vintage, as I haven’t smelled it, but the 2006 certainly smells very vintage, with an old fashioned powdery finish and a cosy depth that you won’t find on any modern perfume counter.

In fact, I found Robert Piguet Baghari to have aspects of Coty  L’Aimant with its aldehydic opening and rich, creamy finish. It also smells a little similar to the fabulous, much mourned Avon Timeless- a powdery Oriental so good that Avon doesn’t want you to have it anymore.  Baghari also has some notes in common with a current cold-day favourite of mine: Lanvin Arpege. All in all, since I love all three of the perfumes it resembles, Robert Piguet Baghari is a rather marvellous little treasure.

Top notes are Aldehydes, Bergamot and Orange Blossom

Middle notes are: Rose, Jasmine, Iris and Violet

Basenotes are Amber, Musk, Vetiver and Vanilla.

Out of the notes listed on Fragrantica, I would say the Aldehydes, Jasmine, Rose, Amber and Vetiver stand out more than others.  I did not detect any Violet (shame) nor any Iris (hurrah!), but the overall combination of notes is delightful.

The difference between this and Arpege is that firstly, Baghari lacks the Peachyness of Arpege (which I could do without, but I overlook it in this case) and secondly: the fact that Baghari has a sort of dried fruit finish. The Aldehydes never seem to leave, and if you add the touch of  Jasmine to Amber and  Vetiver, it leaves an almost sherry-like afterglow, which is far from unpleasant.

Purists would say this isn’t a patch on the vintage, but I say hurrah for a 2006 refurb that smells like it should only be worn whilst doing the Charleston and  using a cigarette holder.

By the way, Baghari is very expensive at around £104 for 100ml, so if you are rich in spirit but poor of purse, treat yourself to some L’Aimant or a drop of Arpege instead. Much more reasonably priced and not a bad sub as subs go.

9 thoughts on “Robert Piguet Baghari 2006”

  1. I love L]Aimant and Arpege. I even sometimes sleep in L’Aimant (Shocking!) Consequently this new perfume by Piguet sounds so incredible and alluring to my senses. But as you say… Rich in spirit and so on. It is a curse to have expensive tastes. But then that is what piggy banks are for. So…maybe someday. As for now it is in line … a very long line of lovely expensive dreams.

    1. Hello there lanier! Lovely to hear from you as always.

      I know what you mean about a long line of lovely expensive dreams! There are several FBs I long for, and my Christmas Wish List changes almost daily.

      For what it’s worth, I have always though L’Aimant smells like Chanel No 5, except it leaves you with about fifty quid left in your pocket, unlike Chanel No 5!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Oh yes, Baghari, no one yet has suggested this for me to wear (hint, hint), but it is rather spectacularly lovely… though strictly one suspects of the big aldehydes, such as you, I and Lanier.
    That dried fruit note… apricots?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dansy,

      I thought you’d like this one and I was right. The hint is duly noted. Yes, possibly apricots, I hadn’t thought of that. Peaches I can’t bear, but apricots I can handle.
      It’ s certainly something rich that made me think of Harvey’s Bristol Cream!

      Your friend

  3. Dearest Dandy, they still sell Harvey’s Bristol Cream in electric blue bottles (Bristol blue glass is famous, doncha know? Yes, well I didn’t until I spent some time in Bristol. Super place.)
    I am a fellow perfumed sleeper. I choose carefully, preferring rich, rounded scents that will gently lull me to a good place and not leave me dreaming of screaming frogs under my bed. (True story. I almost put the cat up for adoption after that ‘gift’.)

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