Amouage Jubilation for Women: The Gift of Kings


The leaves on the trees are not the only ones who turn to Amber as the temperature drops.  Eschewing my fair weather hesperides, I was looking for something cosy to wrap up in and decided to try Amouage Jubilation For Women for the second time.

The first time I tried it, the weather was warm and the Vetiver aggravated my hayfever in a raspy sort of way.  Or maybe my nose was too naïve to cope with solid gold, because second time round, Jubilation is magnificent and my hayfever is a distant memory.

ImageI almost want to say never mind the top notes (I know, sacrilege) because almost from the first spray, it’s the base notes that provide the rich background for the Ylang, the Rose and the Tarragon (which aren’t very memorable). Right from the start, it’s the Patchouli, Myrrh, and Amber that are straight off the starting blocks and which envelope the less sturdy notes, showing off with their heavyweight stamina.  This is not to say they are overdone. In the cold weather when your cheeks feel chilled within minutes of leaving the house, these rich spices, along with the incense, could warm the coldest heart.

Jubilation gives me that lovely impression of old, slightly damp walls, like the walls of a Cathedral or Castle.  It’s like Aromatic ancient stone.

The prices are legendary.  I found a bottle for £208.95 for 100ml on Amazon.  I guess you could ask for it instead of an engagement ring.  Having fainted at the price, I can assure you that this is the kind of quality that you would always find in a  Perfume Hall of Fame.

To me, it smells like Aoud, even though there is none.  The Myrrh is as rich as Christmas Cake, without the sugar, and yet the Patchouli and Vetiver keep it just prickly enough to feel you’re not wearing any lightweight here.  This is the real thing.

Created in 2008, Amouage Jubilation for Women is as magnificent as its price. It is shamelessly exclusive, with the price tag keeping out the riff raff.  Even the website states ” The Gift of Kings”.  Let’s face it, they’re not going to do a Special Offer or a Buy One Get One Free anytime soon.  Amouage was created by Omani Royalty for their um…well, rich people.

But I still wish it was a leetle beet cheaper so that commoners such as myself could get a crack of the whip.  But I guess that’s the idea.  If like me, you can’t justify this eye watering price (or hide the joint bank statement), you could always try Serge Lutens Borneo 1834. It’s not quite the same, but it would certainly tick that “I NEED Patchouli NOW” box, and is of beautiful quality.

Thank you once again, for Lisa Wordbird for the loan of the sample. Even used sparingly, this is STUH-rong. and Stunning.

5 thoughts on “Amouage Jubilation for Women: The Gift of Kings”

  1. On me this smelled just like Rochas Femme. (Ducks to escape eggs and rotten fruit being thrown.) I think the cumin in both overpowers everything else for me. I’ve put the sample away to try later when my nose is more educated. Amouage Lyric, though, I’d give, well, not my right arm, certainly, but maybe part of a finger for a bottle.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      I know what you mean about admitting you don’t like a scent that is generally esteemed by everyone else! There are a several Guerlains I dislike but I feel I should keep it to myself…

      I did not get cumin in Jubilation. If I had it would have been a very different review since I can’t bear it. It’s very “trucker’s armpits” in a perfume. However, like you, I have an Amouage favourite and that is Dia. It’s just incredible, I adore it.

      I shall look out for Lyric. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Hi Iscent . I totally agree with you. Gold Amouge was on my radar for 6 months before I got it last year from Dubai International airport. I got the large Pure Gold, so exotic. Here in US it was only available on line & I didntwant to get something like this exotic on line. Fortunately I got a chance to fly on Emirates to Bangkok & first time I was eager to head out to home from that paradise because I knew Gold Amouge is waiting for me at Dubai airport the forst time I sprayed over me when V wanted to take me for a candle night dinner. As soon as we were seated he wanted to know what was I wearing as I was smelling so exotic. It made my evening & the night turned magical.truly an evening to cherish.
    Now I am way out to Asia & on return I will be transiting through Hethrow International, any ideas on perfume shopping as surely I have to buy one! Pls do reply. Take care.

    1. Hi Cilantro, thanks so much for dropping by. What an exotic life you lead! I haven’t been on a plane for four years, but it was to San Francisco, so what I lack in quantity I make up for in destination.

      I haven’t been to Heathrow Duty Free for a long time, but I would heartily recommend some typically British buys such as Yardley, Bronnley and Crabtree and Evelyn. If there is a Marks and Spencer anywhere, try their Fragonard range. I also find that Duty Free often has quirky gift sets or miniature sets that you can never find in the shops. I once saw a dear set of mini Givenchys in Paris Gare du Nord that I have never seen in any shop before or since.

      Hope this helps. Have a safe journey.

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