Fragonard Étoile: How Perfume Should Be


 Fragonard provides everything I want from a perfume: Fantastic packaging, traditional scents unswayed by fleeting celeb fashions, good longevity and extremely good value for money.  Not so cheap I’m worried, but just expensive enough to reassure me.

 Fragonard Étoile is no exception when it comes to divine packaging. Just look at it.  I’d probably buy it even if it smelled horrible just to have that bottle in my possession.

 Étoile is in a Lime/White flowers mash up that smells like an expensive soap I once owned which was called French Lime and made both me and the bathroom smell amazing. The more Étoile blooms on my skin, the more I love it.

 Étoile has dominant Bergamot that works exceedingly well alongside Jasmine and Gardenia.  Gardenia can be a little cloying, like its friend Tuberose, but the Bergamot cuts through any cloying-ness and  lifts the white flowers from creamy to refreshing, even chalky, like wet cliffs. It’s utterly delightful and growing on me by the minute.

What I particularity admire about Fragonard is that despite their high quality and beautiful packaging, they offer very big refills at very good prices.  You can buy 600mls of Étoile for only 57Euros.  Compare to that many High Street scents and you have incredible Imagevalue.  My only concern is that if I did have 600ml of Étoile I would be splashing it everywhere, pouring it in the bath, and using it like Eau de Cologne, and then being sad because it would run out after a week. Sometimes small rations are best, so I would opt for the 100ml bottle, still a steal at under 30GBP.

If, dear readers, you can get yourselves down to Marks and Spencer, you can bag yourself Imagea 100ml EDT bottle for a mere £26.  You may see me in the queue with an overflowing basket. Oh! and have you seen the little sampler boxes? My dears! I’ll just have to tell my children that only one of them can go to university.  Did I say basket?  I meant trolley.

The Fragonard range is available at larger branches of Marks and Spencer and also online.


10 thoughts on “Fragonard Étoile: How Perfume Should Be”

  1. If you saw the earlier version of this post, you may have been confused by my mention of Violets. let’s just say there was a mix up that involved very small writing and a magnifying glass and a few edits. All is well now.

  2. Nice review. This one might be more my mother’s cup of tea. (Is that a saying in England? It would be funny if it wasn’t.) Next!

    1. Hi Laurels, it very much is a saying! and one I use very often. It’s a get out clause I often use when I dislike a perfume but don’t think it’s actually bad.

      I also use it when a cup of tea is literally not my cup of tea. I drink about ten cups a day and get the mugs mixed up when we have visitors!

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      It is in my view, as Luca Turin would say “best bang for the buck”. Brilliant quality, beautiful packaging and far less expensive than less worthy competitors.

      Good old M and S. Not only the best ironmongery for ladies, but also jolly nice of them to oblige with the old Fragonard range.

      Your friend

  3. Pity I hadn’t seen this review before I had a holiday in France in Jan. I went to Grasse and spent a happy hour in the Fragonard museum and shop. There was so much to choose from I ended up buying just a few soaps for presents.

    1. Wow! I am so jealous! I would love to go to the Fragonard HQ. It’s an amazing brand and their prices are very reasonable. I bet Grasse was amazing. *sigh*

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