JLo Glow: Off to a Great Start


Jennifer Lopez was one of the first celebrities to launch her own signature fragrance line.  She follows early pioneers of Celeb scents Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and Antonio Banderas.  JLo Glow was launched back in 2002, and has broken records with its hugely successful sales figures. It is worth looking at an early celeb scent to see how and why things changed so much  from Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds and JLo Glow (both very good) to the fruity floribundances we have today.  (PS I just made up the word floribundances. You may use it. You’re welcome).


Today in 2013, High Street perfume shops would look very meagre without the vast range of celeb scents padding out the shelves. It has become a phenomenon. I often tell people (and my Mum) it is worth remembering that all celeb scents are made by professional, experienced Noses, but are often at the cheaper end of the market. Keep looking past the tacky packaging (I’m looking at you Justin Bieber) and you stumble across a gem such as Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights or Hilary Duff With Love: both celeb scents that I consider excellent. The name means nothing to me, I just want to know if it smells good. And if it does, I’ll wear it. I don’t care whose name is on the bottle. My snobbery went out the window a while back when I spent 3.99 on 15ml of Duff’s With Love and I had an epiphany smelling the rich Tropical Guaic Wood . Not what I expected at all.


I often think the celeb scent market is like a jumble sale. It may look unpromising, but if you keep trying, you may find treasure.

Right at the start, before the boom began, there was JLo with Glow. Still around now, and still a steady seller, I tried it recently and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s soapy and clean smelling, like freshly shampooed hair. It reminded me a little of Cacharel Noa, only without the bloom’n’fade coffee bean opening.

The soapiness is not aldehydic, like say, First by Van Cleef and Arpels which stands a league above, but it is more Herbal Essences.  If you, like me, buy your shampoo based on whether you like the smell, then you may like this clean hair scent with light flower petals, light grapefruit, and gentle White Musk.

glow ad

After the soap faded into an innocent gentility, there was some definite Tuberose action going on, which lasted until the very end. Longevity was excellent in fact.  I tried two sprays of Glow at 9.15am and at 6pm it was still close to skin. Not bad at all for a good value scent.  I had a slight issue with the fact that the very last hours of the basenotes were a bit synthetic, but the good points outweigh the bad by a long chalk.

Adding to the bonhomie I am feeling towards this gem is the rumour that JLo is very involved in her scents, and they are much more than a sign off to her.  I am already a fan of JLo Deseo, and now I am a fan of Glow too.


You can buy Glow from many places, including allbeauty.com and Amazon UK to name but two.

6 thoughts on “JLo Glow: Off to a Great Start”

  1. I remember reading that Ms Lopez wanted Glow to smell like ‘you’re the sexiest person in the world and you just stepped out of the shower’, so it sounds like she nailed it.

    One of her Glow flankers: Miami Glow got to be a massive hit via the perfume forums. (I had a bottle for a while.) It started out as a limited edition, but I’ve seen it around again recently, so I guess she re-issued it.

    I think JLo is very, very clever with her marketing in general and her fragrance in particular. She manages to keep the quality good, even though these are mass-market products. I’m guessing that she has negotiated a deal with whoever makes her fragrances that gives her creatives a slightly higher budget for ingredients.

    And of course, she meets my admittedly loopy rule about decent celebrity perfumes: actresses make better ones than singers. (OK, Victoria Beckham dodges that bullet because she’s obsessive about quality, and anyway she now falls into the fashion category.)

    1. Dearest Wordbird,

      As ever your comments always add to the debate whilst educating me a bit along the way. What I like about JLo is that although, for instance, Love and Glamour was a fruity floral, it by no means defines the rest of the range. Deseo is a wonderful Tiare flower/Tropical scent that I love, and Glow is a white, soapy treat of a scent. Then you have, as you point out, the cult following of Miami Glow and also the Still range, which I have yet to try. Her scents are diverse and to smell one is by no means indicative of how the rest of them will smell.

      Whereas I have tried about four or five Britney’s and they really do all smell very similar.Candy floss, strawberries, vanilla etc ad nauseum.

  2. Dearest Iscent
    I must say I am so with you on the ‘it’s what’s inside that matters’ sentiment.
    In addition to celebrities, these days every organisation and brand seems to want their share of the perfume pie. Did you know the National Trust has a range of scents?
    I kid you not.
    I like you am happy to try them all and sort the wheat from the chaff.
    For the record the Trust’s efforts are inoffensive but forgettable, Jane Packer (the florist) fares much better and I love her very green vetiver. Another winner is the Elizabeth R fragrance created for Historic Royal Palaces – honestly one couldn’t make this up – based on a centuries old recipe for rosewater and interpreted by the perfumeurs at Patou, it is really rather antique and lovely.
    My, don’t we sound like the dedicated scent detectives.
    By the way, I adore ‘floribundances’ and shal be using it incessantly in conversation henceforward.
    I approve wholeheartedly of neo-logisms.
    Your ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Dear Mr Dandy,

    As ever, always a pleasure when you drop by for a cup of Darjeeling. Yes it does indeed seem as if everyone is trying to get on the perfume wagon doesn’t it? I have to say I don’t mind since it makes the competition up its game and lower its prices. I even found some perfume in a Garden Centre recently. (Arran Aromatics After The Rain- promising start, awful basenotes).

    Mr iScent works near a National Trust building, so maybe I can talk sweetly to him. In fact, I know I can.

    Your friend

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