Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac: Smoke and Brasseries


 I asked my seven year old son what he thought of Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac. I didn’t prompt him, just told him to say the first thing that came into his head.  This is not always without risk and is usually about Star Wars, but in this case he said “Some sort of spice: it smells like hot sand”.  I was pretty impressed, although it’s usually L’Air Du Desert Marocain Imagethat makes me think of hot sand.

Giles Deacon, no slacker when it comes to good taste, is a big fan of Feuilles de Tabac and scents his home with it. Feuilles (pronounced “Foy”) means leaves or pages or layers. Feuilles de Tabac is marketed as a masculine, but I say knickers to that, being a fan of Old Spice and Dior Fahrenheit.

I have finally got around to reviewing this treasure because the hot weather just doesn’t do it justice.  In the cold air of Autumn, this can come out to play and hit the open road.

Feuilles de Tabac was created to “take you to the romantic brasseries of St Germain”, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to go to Paris on a chilly day, you may recognise a fug of tobacco, spice and old books. Paris also smells of tarmac, body odour and garlic, but let’s not break the spell.

taken on my last trip to Paris.










As usual with Miller Harris, quality and longevity are outstanding and Feuilles de Tabac gives a rich, leathery spice trail with sillage that is around arms’ length but would be very welcome in even a small space.

Top note is Chilli, and middle notes are Sage and Pine. Basenotes are Tobacco, Patchouli and Tonka bean.  Unlike other fragrances who claim to have notes that are not there, with Miller Harris, every note listed is very much discernible, despite being seamlessly blended.

The overall impression is one of green sharp herbs, Patchouli and deep aromatic smoke.  It’s more attractive than the other Miller Harris masculine La Fumee, which I found a bit dry. Masculine or feminine, this is fabulous for Autumn and I feel quite sorry that I only have a small phial of it.

I’ll leave the last words to a great Parisian, and one of my idols, now sadly in Pere Lachaise. Edith Piaf’s beautiful song, Autumn Leaves popped into my head whilst writing this review.

Since you went away, The days grow long, and soon I’ll hear old winter songs. But I miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall


9 thoughts on “Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac: Smoke and Brasseries”

  1. Was it Piaf who sang that gorgeous song? I shall have to hunt it out on You Tube, it’s one of my favourites, especially at this time of year.

    I am going to make you very happy by telling you that I own a bottle of FdT and am a fellow fan. Also that you can have a dollop of it, as, well, I have an embarrassment of riches where the stinkies are concerned. 😀 (It’s always good to share the good stinky karma. You never know when it will pay off and your ridiculously low bid on ebay will land you something amazing.)

  2. Well, now my inner budding perfume nerd and well-entrenched sci-fi nerd are both insanely curious: Which perfumes made your son think of Star Wars? Did they evoke specific characters? (Apparently there’s not much overlap between the nerddoms, if I’m not the twentieth commenter to ask about this.)

    1. I’m chuckling Laurels! He will make his answer refer to Star Wars no matter what question I ask him. I guess in this case we could relate the “hot sand” to Tatooine, birthplace of Luke Skywalker. I always thought Darth Vader smells of Leather and exhaust fumes. Lonestar Memories?

      1. I’ve never smelled Lonestar Memories. Is there cumin or something sweaty in it? I don’t think Vader ever took off that armor.

      2. Hi Laurels,

        Lonestar Memories smells like creosote and leather to me, and is surprisingly good. For the BO note (as you point out, Darth never changes his outfit) I would suggest Ivoire de Balmain or eau de sweaty crotch as I call it.

        Maybe we could persuade dear Andy Tauer to make Deathstar Memories just for Lord Vader.

      3. Ha! He’d probably get sued, but that would be fantastic. Maybe George Lucas could commission it. It would make for a great-looking bottle.

  3. Dearest Iscent
    We have a critic in our midst ‘hot sand’, indeed? Cuff that young man to a keyboard while you can… besides one can think of many perfumes that could do with a good Star Wars analogy.
    I digress… it will probably come as no surprise that The Dandy adores this Miler Harris, the smell of a elegant gentleman who enjoys the odd old school curry served at his club I’ve always thought.
    It’s charming and exquisitely made.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      He is indeed on a laptop as we speak, but sadly I believe it’s to do with Angry Birds Star Wars rather than the poetry of scent.

      Yes FdeT is very Gentleman’s Club isn’t it? I found it quite addictive and lasting power was excellent. Anything that takes me back to Paris is always good.. *sigh*

      Your friend

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