One Direction Our Moment: Dear Father Christmas…


It goes without saying that boyband One Direction are a phenomenon. They have broken the notoriously tough American market, and their star is still on the rise, going orbital.  The only surprising thing about their perfume Our Moment, is that it didn’t come out sooner.

It’s getting a little tougher to get perfume samples over the counter these days. There’s a thriving market for them on eBay and I have to set my blogger’s charm to “Stun” in order to get them from sales assistants. However, the nice lady in the Perfume Shop gave me lots of these saying “You’re welcome to these, we’ve got loads, here you are, put them in your bag”. So I did. Thank you Perfume Shop Lady.

Now you don’t need to be a media expert to realise that “Our Moment” is speaking directly to the heart of One Direction fans. It’s saying  “Psst, you, yes you, this is just between you and me. This Our Moment. I approve of this product, so if you buy it I will approve of you too. Love Harry/Zayn/the other three X X X.”


Our Moment makes me feel old. When I realised I was older than Harry Styles’ Mum I felt ancient. When I released that I was old enough to be his grandmother (I’m 43), I  buttoned up my cardigan and put the kettle on in despair.  Back in 1983 Boy George first appeared on the television. My Dad was appalled and said rude words about him. I remember thinking that Dad was like, really old and stuff.  Now here I am, thinking that Harry has too many tattoos and I hope they’re staying away from drugs and being sensible. How time flies.

Now to the smell. In its favour I will say that since this is marketed at young girls, pre teens and teens, that they have got one thing exactly right. It’s not sexy. Nor is it provocative or seductive or alluring. Excellent work. I approve.

It does however, fit in with a little perfume conspiracy theory I have been quietly forming. My theory is this: Somewhere there is a giant bubbling vat of extremely fruity perfume. Everybody uses it and puts it into different bottles, inventing the notes and using Imagedifferent packaging. Britney uses it a lot, as does Beyoncé, and even Loewe used it for Quizas Quizas Quizas Pasion. And now the One Direction boys are using it too. It’s just one big red fruit, strawberry flavoured, sugary, fruity floral vat with a queue of celebrities’ flunkies waiting to fill their bottles with it and add a different moniker.

Top notes are listed as: Redcurrants, Forest Fruits and Lemon. Middle notes are Freesia, Jasmine and Frangipani, and Base notes are Patchouli Musk and Woody notes.  Getting back to reality for a minute, what it actually smells like is forest fruits and redcurrants with added candy floss. And that goes for top notes, middle notes and base notes.

I smelled this on one hand and Beyoncé Midnight Heat on the other and could not tell them apart.

Frankly, this would sell by the shelfload even if it smelled of cat pee. Putting my personal preferences aside for a minute (I’ll be wearing Balmain Jolie Madame later today), this will clearly be a bestseller. Prepare to smell this Princessy  bottle  everywhere. It will be on every Under 12s’ Christmas wish list. Brace yourself for the OMGs. This ticks every box.

Oh and the inevitable flankers. It’s just a matter of time.


12 thoughts on “One Direction Our Moment: Dear Father Christmas…”

  1. Your “Dad vs. Boy George” anecdote reminded me of how my own parents saw my musical tastes. How time flies indeed …
    If celebrity fragrances were big back in the 80’s, I wonder how a Duran Duran perfume would look and smell like.

    1. Ooh interesting question! It would be in yer face for sure, I mean if you think how much make up and hair product they wore I bet they wouldn’t have brought out a meek little number!

      I was actually surprised by how ladylike Madonna’s Truth or Dare smelled like. I was expecting something edgy but she came out with a nice little tuberose number in homage to Fracas. Most surprising.

      Thanks for dropping by haefennasiel!

  2. I have a tweenage daughter (9 is tweenage, yes?) and I have heard the preliminary rumblings of fandom already. One Direction have been mentioned with approval, but it’s still Katy Perry and Jessie J that are the serious role models. And the perfume of choice in my daughter’s room is still Disney-flavoured (or Yves Rocher’s Vanilla, which she nicked off me). It won’t be long. I am adopting the ‘brace’ position and I have a large clothes peg and a bucket of L’Air de Rien to counteract the inevitable fruity onslaught.

  3. Justin Beiber scent is on sale right now. Just sayin.
    Tee hee. I would be smug about my boys not being involved in my perfume collection yet, but one loves Tabu and one loves Cabotine. It could be worse I suppose.

  4. Heya,
    I got Our Moment on a card, day 1 it was fruitcup, day 2 and the next 7 days it still smelled and it smelled really good with a woodsy vanilla dry down that was completely unexpected. In fact sniffing same card now, nearly 2 weeks later, it smells like a soft focus opening of a 1980s blockbuster oriental.
    Portia xx

    1. The fabulous Portia! You are most welcome. I love your turn of phrase “a soft focus opening of a 1980s blockbuster” Absolutely spot on.

      Yes my sample was also a peel off strip but they don’t half last a long time in the knicker drawer.

      Your friend

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