L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier: Fig, Fig and More Fig, followed by the Fig.


Let’s talk Fig.  I only recently discovered Fig, which is frankly a scandal nine months into a perfume blog, but I have never claimed to know it all.


The portal through which I entered the World of Fig was Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee. It knocked me out. It was marvellous.  I was as desperate as Eve to find more Fig stuff. Obligingly, my dear colleague Lisa Wordbird, presented me with her bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier to see what I thought.

One thing’s for sure. Having spent a few days alone with this, I can now Fig spot from ten feet away.


To me, Fig is rich and creamy with heavy green notes around the edges. The fruitiness is like smelling the dried fruit of a Christmas cake before you add it to the mix. Fig equals Sultanas, Milk and green leafery.  However there is one caveat that stops me fully embracing the figginess of Premier Figuier.  There is to my nose, an animalic or musky note that vividly reminds me of a scene in my life many years ago. No names, no pack drill.  Gather round for a fireside story with ole IScentYouADay.

Many moons ago I knew someone who had sterling family ancestry, pots of money and was quite the aristocrat.  However, he had the most appalling personal hygiene. So shocking was it, that the entire abode in which he lived smelled to High Heaven.  Clothes, furniture and air carried the unwashed stench around  from room to room and even onto the street Imagewhen the door was open.  This man, who was terribly nice, and is massively unlikely to be reading this (I hope), had a girlfriend who doused herself in Guerlain Samsara. You may notice I have never reviewed Samsara.

The end result is that  despite Samsara having no fig, Premier Figuier reminds me of that brief window in time when my nose was trying to divide the musk of stale BO from the Green,  fruity rich Samsara.

This is in no way the fault of this lovely Fig perfume, since Premier Figuier is beautifully put together. There are many non fig notes listed: Asfoetida, Fruity notes, Fig leaf, and Sandalwood.

But all I can smell is Fig and Musk, and that rather fetid London Spring of 94.

6 thoughts on “L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier: Fig, Fig and More Fig, followed by the Fig.”

  1. Well that does it! I am going to take a shower followed by a long bath right now! You poor thing to have to put up with that smelly guy. I never got that BO smell in Premier Figuier! Thank God. Thanks for the story, you know how I love a good spin of the yarn. Oh by the way, Figs were Cleopatra’s favorite fruit. After all was said and done she had that asp smuggled into her mausoleum in a basket of figs.(so the story goes) I am sure she had a few for the road before she met her end.

    1. Hi lanier, always good to hear from you. Isn’t it a shame when a perfectly good perfume is ruined by an unshakeable memory? Oh and by the way, I am sure you smell utterly wonderful at all times!

  2. Is it the asfoetida that you are noticing? I can’t say I’ve ever smelled it, but it’s name does give a heads up that it might smell “fetid”. Apparently also called Devil’s dung and stinking gum.

    1. Hi Lindaloo, thank you fro dropping by! No the perfume itself is lovely, it’s just that this is a case of olfactory memory ruining a damn good scent forever! Shame though. It’s so aromatic and delicate.

  3. Ha! Now every time I wear Premier Figuier around you, I’ll be paranoid you think I honk! (There again, after a hot day’s baking and with my soap-dodging habits, I quite probably do.) 🙂

    I am quite the fig fan. I find it a cooling note in hot summer weather and an excellent alternative to citrus. I hear rumours of figgy, spicy eaux de cologne that are available in eastern realms and they literally make my mouth water.

    Anyhoo – I have a good selection of figgy frags, so I’ll be sure to pop by with a few of them soon. Also, I have just made fig jam, from the fruits of my Mum’s trees (it has really been a good summer when you can pick figs in Wales!), so you can try that too. Very pippy, it is. (And very poopy, you’ll be, no doubt. Sorry. I’ll get my coat.)

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