Christian La Croix C’est La Fete Patchouli: A Rough Diamond In The Earth


 Christian La Croix C’’est La Fete Patchouli  is a drag to type and a bit of a mouthful to say.

Mmm, you smell nice, what is it?”

“Oh, do you like it? It’s Christian La Croix C’est La Fete Patchouli. Don’t make me write it down.”

 C’est La Fete has been reviewed earlier in my blog and was a very acceptable scent not dissimilar to the delightful Rochas TocadeC’est La Fete Patchouli smells nothing like either, but is not too bad in its own right.

Although Patchouli is only listed as a base note, it’s practically the only note, but for a Patchouli fan like moi, this is no bad thing. This is rough, cheap smelling Patchouli, like the tiny unctuous bottles you would get from a market stall.  I don’t mind though, I take my Patchouli where I can get it. There are also elements of Elemi resin, a tree resin often used in bronchitis remedies, which may explain the slight cough mixture background to this.

No matter, I like it.  However, if you had just finished sniffing Serge Lutens Borneo 1834, you would hate this by comparison. If you had never smelled Borneo, you might think this isn’t too bad.

You will note that I am not raving about CLCLFP, to give it its keyboard friendly acronym, but this is because I think it could have been done better. It’s as if the rough edges haven’t been sanded down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kinky for a cough syrup note and some nose tingling Patchouli, but even though there is a time and a place for such a scent, they could possibly have fine tuned it a little better.

This would be excellent on either a man or a woman, or even dabbed on the collar of a winter coat for a little warmth on a cold day.


Footnote: Both full bottles and samples are currently available on Amazon.

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