Tauer No 9 Orange Star: An Orange Sun, an Amber Sunset.


It always takes me a while to write a Tauer review because I like to do them justice. I like to get it right when I explain them (this feeling is not exclusive to Tauer scents, I hope  my descriptions are always frank and candid).

I can think of few people who are doing what Andy Tauer does. He creates the fragrances, fills the bottles, packs them, fills in the customs forms and updates the blog and the ImageFacebook page. No committees, no board rooms, no focus groups, no men in suits looking at trends and sales figures, just Andy being creative and hoping we like it too.

Orange Star is the 9th composition in the Tauer Classics Range and it appeals to me  as a fan of bitter orange in fragrance. It has some similarities to a scent I have here at home: Jesus Del Pozo Ambar, which is also a bitter Orange/Vanilla composition, but without the clarity of ingredients nor the originality of Orange Star (nor the  longevity, more of which anon).

 Orange Star’s gift is that it makes Orange into something unexpected.  Whereas a citrus is usually a citrus, sharp, bright and effervescent, in Orange Star, the orange becomes a glowing Amber background under which the Ambergris and Lemon Grass come out to play. It’s as if the Warm spicy orange is the sunset presiding over the other ingredients.

It seems appropriate that I am reviewing this today on the 1st of September as it is so autumnal with its warmth and heat, yet retains the Orange Blossom note like a memory of summer. Orange Star opens and ends with orange- a warm, enveloping orange, like a velvet backcloth: a refreshing change from cologne style sharpness. No less than fourteen hours later, the orange is still there, like a background curtain, letting the Ambergris and Vanilla have the stage, but never letting them forget who put them there.

A word about price.  Tauers don’t come cheap. One of my favourites, Carillon Pour Un Ange, is £99 a bottle. However, if like me, you have a wide selection of samples, decants and bottles, then a single bottle of perfume will last you a long time. Secondly, I can think of several High Street mainstream fragrances that need frequent topping up throughout the day and which only last a few hours.  Three single sprays of Orange Star in the morning keep me going for an impressive fourteen hours and blow me down if my pillow doesn’t smell nice the next day. You also have the added bonus of it being unlikely that the person next to you on the train will smell the same. How many times have I smelled Angel in the last week?

My little tin of Tauers comes everywhere with me, but I only pull them out of the bag when I need that boost.  I wear them when I want to feel Queenly.  I wear them when I have to do something I’ve been dreading (Legoland) and I wear them when I’m just sitting at home sniffing my arm and staring into space.

I would like to thank Andy Tauer for providing me with a selection of samples.  I am under no obligation at all to like them, and I would say so if I didn’t, but I do.  Gosh I really do.

8 thoughts on “Tauer No 9 Orange Star: An Orange Sun, an Amber Sunset.”

    1. Thank you lucasai. I always appreciate you dropping by.

      I know what you mean about a scent going wrong on you. Unfortunately Tauer Incense Extreme smells like Crayola wax crayons on me, but smells amazing on my husband. Just one of those things I guess!

  1. I have yet to be convinced by an orange perfume – like Lucasai, I have associations with cleaning products that I just can’t shake. But then, I haven’t tried this one of Andy’s. (I have never met the man, but he’s Andy to me, because I have such a vivid picture of him from his Facebook page and blog.) I can honestly say I haven’t smelled a perfume of his yet that I dislike. I only own two at the moment, but I bet you a fiver I’ll own more eventually, and I know I’ll never be without a bottle of L’Air du Desert Marocain, which I love passionately.

    Another well-considered and lovely review. Thank you IScent. 🙂

  2. Thank you my dear. I actually buy cleaning products BECAUSE they smell of orange. I’m funny that way!

    I own several Tauers, but all in little sample phials. At the moment. (eyes on the prize for a birthday or landmark)

    I know I’ve said it before but the lasting power! Wow!

    PS I have a rare sample of Tauer Lys Du Desert for you to try.

  3. This veered to cleaning product on me too, sadly – it was soapy and sort of raspy simultaneously, conjuring up images of orange-scented Brillo pads. I would go so far as to say that there is a ‘house rasp accord’ with Tauers – maybe that is what is meant by ‘Tauerade’. I think there must be a certain skin that is a perfect canvas for most if not all Tauer scents, and while I also passionately love LADDM, and enjoyed wearing Miriam very much just yesterday, this one was all kinds of wrong on me.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I do know exactly what you mean about the Tauerade note. I’ve noticed it myself. I guess if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t like any of them. Luckily for me, I love it, but I totally understand why people might have a problem with it. I suspect it to be the Ambergris, which I first mistook for raspy Vetiver, but I may be wrong.

      I also love Orange in anything except lollies! It’s a funny old world. Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your opinion.

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