Fleur D’Iris Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier: We Need To Talk About Iris


I’ve had a problem with Iris for quite some time now. We simply can’t agree with one another. I like her pretty sister Violet, and even her melancholy friend Heliotrope, but Iris and I just can’t see eye to stamen.  I love the flower, and Heck, my dear late grandmother was called Iris and had I had a daughter, it would have been her middle name. But I still can’t get on with Iris.

Several kind parfumistas have made go back in the room and play nice until Iris and I can be friends, but  I guess we’re just not to be. I’ve tried, Lord knows I’ve tried, but we’re just not compatible.


Today I wore Fleur D’Iris by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. The bottle is lofty and regal in appearance, and is on kind loan from Lisa Wordbird,  a fellow blogger who is great friends with Iris. I thought if  I’m going to give Iris a chance, I’d better go for quality. Sadly, I could only manage half a day with this.

Fleur D’Iris is indeed floral as the name suggests, but floral in a fuzzy suffocating way, like being smothered to death by baby blankets, or having a close, stuffy smell infiltrating ears, nose and mouth. It’s claustrophobic, like a stifling car with no open windows and no air con. Then there are the carrots. Carrots, both raw and cooked, strong as you like, yet inescapable. Then there is the earthy rootiness, like a freshly dug bulb. And finally, the kind of distant sweetness you can find if you sniff a dried up crispy babywipe.

There are several notes in Fleur D’Iris, including Green notes, Rose, Musk and  Vetiver. However, once I noticed Iris in this, it dominated completely.  If you like Iris, this is a quality scent with  outstanding longevity. The longevity is ironic.  I find anything I dislike stays around for hours like an uninvited Dr Seuss character.  Fleur D’Iris?  No less than fourteen hours and I can still smell it.  Just my luck.

I gave it my best shot guys. I know I sound like a Sommelier that doesn’t like red wine, but as much as I love perfume, I cannot love Iris. Don’t leave me.  Think of my good points! I can be fun, playful, witty…don’t go!

7 thoughts on “Fleur D’Iris Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier: We Need To Talk About Iris”

  1. We all have things that just don’t work for us. Mine is chocolate – I cannot abide it in perfume and it makes me recoil if I find a tinge of it in something. Cocoa powder is a different matter – Borneo 1834 proved that to me – but that milky, vanillaish, sweet, cloying chocolate thang? Bleurch!

    Funny, isn’t it?
    PS did you find the Wilkinsons bag I left in your hedge?

    1. Thank you Perfume Fairy, yes I’ve been rifling through the bushes in the dark and came across Dita Von Teese in the privet! And thanks for the yummy sample of Un Jardin Mediterranee. YUM.

      We should all have at least one Excuse Me card when it comes to perfume. I have two- Iris and calone.

  2. Dearest Iscent
    It looks like Iris may be your coconut, if you catch my drift.
    What a shame. I’d content yourself with the fact that the fantastic flowers themselves don’t actually have much scent anyway, perhaps they’re not keen on the smell that’s been ascribed them either!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Hi Berengaria and thanks for dropping by. It’s not unusual to have an aversion that still works in special cases. Although I loathe Iris, I rather like it in Apres L’Ondee surrounded by violets and heliotrope.

      I totally understand why you don’t like tuberose. It’s very rich and cloying and I have to be in exactly the right mood to wear it.

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