Jimmy Choo Flash: I mean Lady Million, I mean Flash…


 It’s  a good news day!

Good news if you like Paco Rabanne Lady Million: Here is a perfume almost identical. If they ever discontinue Lady Million, you’ll be quite safe if you stock up on Jimmy Choo Flash.

Good news if you hate Lady Million: I’ve just stopped you wasting your money on this!

Flashevokes the promise, excitement and high octane atmosphere of going out”. In other words, it’s meant for a younger flashier crowd rather than the kind of tiny crowd I hang around in. Clearly aimed at the late teen/twenty something market, this is keeping in step with current modes and with its glittery box, it will do well, no doubt.

However, it is, like Lady Million,  a huge bunch of fake, synthetic white flowers, so synthetic that it borders on sour. Tuberose, Jasmine, Pink Pepper and Strawberry are all listed, but all I get is fake, fake, fake, with a sour, hollow ending.

photo by www.vogue.it

The biggest shock for me is that the Nose behind this scent is none other than the great Christine Nagel, creator of  one of my favourite ever scents: Eau de Cartier.  Since I love Eau de Cartier so much, I can forgive her anything.  I guess the revered Ms Nagel can certainly turn her hand to  current market demands, but current market demands are not to my taste.

In fact, next on my list of FBs is a bottle of Je Reviens, created in 1932 and still going strong. On matters of fragrance, I was born in the wrong decade.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Flash: I mean Lady Million, I mean Flash…”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    So sorry you had to suffer this. I smelt it at a department store recently.
    Je Reviens, however, is a different matter.
    If you can get your hands on the short lived ‘couture’ version from a decade ago, do, very fine.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Thank you for your camaraderie and sympathy over this shocker. Modern perfume counters have some real howlers these days. I wish I could say no two are the same, but they are.

      I have ordered Je Reviens which comes with two other Worth perfumes, so we shall see. I fear disappointment though as I read that one is a calone. Oh dear 🙁

      Your friend

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