Askett & English Essential: Wake Up, It’s a Beautiful Morning


My sense of smell is slowly creeping back so I thought I’d try something fresh and astringent. We’re not quite firing on all cylinders, but Askett & English Essential is so fresh and bright, it could break through any fog and stuffiness.

Askett & English is a small English perfume company based in the scenic Chiltern Hills. With only two scents to their name (so far I hope), their reputation depends on quality far more than a larger company who can hide a weak link.

The two perfumes are Essential and Absolute. I have only tried Essential, which I am reviewing today.

If You like O de Lancome or Eau Dynamisante, you’ll love this. It’s an Eau de Cologne with lasting power, and it smells heavenly.  Opening notes are Lemon and Bergamot, and middle notes are Lavender and Jasmine. Base notes are Woodier, with Oakmopss, Vetiver and Cedar. The base notes particularly remind me of O de Lancome with’s its Zingy opening and green, prickly base.

Primarily, the Lime comes through stronger than anything, which is lucky, since I love Lime. It’s sparkling: almost like a gin and tonic. You can imagine the bubbles and the ice cubes in a frosty cold glass.

It smells quintessentially English: as English  as cricket whites and tea roses and honey for tea.  It’s not clear if it’s directed at men or women, but it matters not at all. This would smell excellent on either.

Available from limited stockists, I was kindly provided with a sample from Scent and Sensibility. Both Essential and Absolute cost £60 for 100ml.

In  all honesty, if you already  owned O de Lancome and Eau Dynamisante as well, you probably wouldn’t need this (although need and want mean the same thing when talking about perfume), but if you have neither, this will do nicely.

8 thoughts on “Askett & English Essential: Wake Up, It’s a Beautiful Morning”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Hurrah for a little sensory recovery!
    Now, The Dandy does like ‘O’ and ‘Eau Dynamisante’ so this could well be up my street, especially as I am so at home with the current vogue for colognes.
    Will keep a look out for it, though I don;t think it’s crossed my path as of yet.
    Keep getting better.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

      1. Dear Mr Dandy

        Scent and Sensibility have samples for 3.50GBP.I bought three various samples from them and was delighted to find they had sent me four!

        Your Friend

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