Guest Blogger Lisa Wordbird says: Fly Virgin to the Islands


Hello again. Since poor IScent is knocked out by a cold, I offered to share another story about one of my favourite fragrances. Hope you find it interesting.

With July’s heatwave, I reached for old favourites from when I lived in Switzerland, which has surprisingly hot summers. Over there, I discovered the joys of a regular spritz of eau de cologne during the day to physically cool down an overheated body, and refresh a tired mind. A lot of my favourite sharp, green summer fragrances ended up shoved to the back of my shelf during our last two rainy and chilly British summers, but this year I have been happily digging out the greenest of figs and the zestiest citruses. Yum!

One of my absolute darlings every summer is also a very expensive one: Creed’s Virgin Island Water, which is a toe-curling £150 for 75mls in the Creed store (though there’s always eBay and would you believe I saw this in a sale somewhere recently for a mere £95?).  Anyway, there are alternatives, which I will come to later. Allegedly inspired by a sailing trip the Creeds took, this is all Carribean-blue skies and turquoise seas, and possibly the most relaxed and good-natured Creed you’ll ever meet.

The Creed website gives the notes as:

Top notes: Sicilian White Bergamot, Jamaican Lime, Sicilian Mandarin

Heart notes: Herbaceous notes, Ylang Ylang, Indian Jasmine

Base notes: Tonkin Musk, Tropical Woods

But what I get is a lovely refreshing lime and coconut sparkle that fades out to a gentle woody skin musk. I love this stuff, it’s mouthwatering and somehow delicious without being at all sweet. It’s not enormously long-lasting, but there is enough base to it that it is a ‘proper’ eau de toilette, as opposed to a fleeting eau de cologne. (Though I do keep reapplying to enjoy that zingy opening.)

I had no idea that lime and coconut was a classic combination, but apparently it is. So much so that the US chain Bath and Body Works had a Lime and Coconut perfume for a while (sadly discontinued). Luckily I do own a much cheaper alternative, which I can wear everyday and which lasts much longer. Haus of Gloi is a tiny American company that makes vegan bath and body products, scenting them with their own fragrance oil blends. Their take on the lime n coconut accord is called Picaroon and costs a remarkable $2.50. [link: ]  While it’s woodier than Virgin Island Water and sings contralto rather than soprano, Picaroon works for me and would be excellent on a gent. Haus of Gloi is one of those interesting little operations that is highly praised for excellent products by beauty bloggers but is a tiny niche company. They remind me of Andy Tauer in that. (And I highly recommend their bubbling scrub and pumpkin butters.)


7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Lisa Wordbird says: Fly Virgin to the Islands”

    1. Hi lanier, she really knows her stuff that Wordbird. If it wasn’t for her I never would have discovered chypres! You should see her sample collection. My eyes nearly popped out.

  1. Dearest Wordbird and Iscent
    (Oh and M. Lanier too)
    I wish I could like this one I really do, but an aversion and over-sensitivity to coconut means it just smells like Malibu on The Dandy.
    And it’s really not that fetching for a gentleman to have the aroma of a rather down at heel hen weekend is it?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      I quite often like a bit of coconut in my scents, but I am fussy about it.

      There are certain ingredients that immediately put me off a perfume. One is melon, another is pineapple, and another is cucumber.

      Luckily, Madame Wordbird and I agree on this, at least!

      Your friend

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