A Temporary Blip: My Nose Isn’t Working


Usually a nose that isn’t working can still be taken to work with tissues and some Eucalyptus. However, a perfume blogger, such as , say…me for instance, needs a nose in working order. At the moment I can neither taste nor smell and would therefore feel like a charlatan if I were to attempt to describe something I could only experience very faintly. My reactions need to be honest and off the cuff if I am to do my subject justice. I always ensure that I am wearing the scent I review, no matter how long I have been familiar with it.

I picked up some lovely samples of Shalimar Parfum Initial today but cannot smell anything at all. When things are that bad,  there is nothing to be done.

Do excuse me as I take a few days off and wait for my sense of smell to return. Thank you dear readers, for bearing with me.


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8 thoughts on “A Temporary Blip: My Nose Isn’t Working”

    1. Thank you Cilantro. It’s coming back, but not on a level that can do justice to anything very expensive! I’ll save the really big hitters for when I am in good working order again.

  1. Dearest Iscent
    I had wondered were you were and quelle domage that curse of the British summer ‘the seasonal cold’ seems to have descended.
    Now nothing to do but to demand servitude and running hot toddies from those around you (you can throw ice or even ice cream in them for an affagatto style effect).
    Away with you to the settee or boudoir and oodles of old films and spicy food.
    Take care.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      What very kind words of comfort. sadly, being the summer holidays, I am more waiting on that waited on. We also have new kittens, but thankfully I can’t smell!

      Your friend

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